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Maritza Davila

Gerald Esposito

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Maritza Davila


Party enrolled in: Democratic

Occupation: Ms. Davila is a Community Organizer with the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council in her community of Bushwick, Brooklyn. By the side of her many community associations, she advocates tirelessly for quality health, education and housing for Bushwick, Williamsburg, and Ridgewood

Occupational background: As a Legislative Assistant in the Office of Assemblyman Vito Lopez, Ms. Davila helped residents of Bushwick and Williamsburg to obtain fair, decent, safe and affordable housing

Educational background: Ms. Davila is studying to receive her degree in Business Administration

Organizational affiliations: Northern Bushwick Residents Association, 83rd Precinct Community Council, Williamsburg Bushwick Parent Coalition

Prior public experience: Ms. Davila served as President of the School Board and on numerous Community Advisory Committees. She is currently the Democratic District leader for Assembly District 53 and served on the 2008 New York State Electoral College for Barack Obama

Email: maritza@votemaritzadavila.com

Website: http://www.votemaritzadavila.com

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1. What is the most important issue in Council District 34 you would address if elected?

If elected, I would focus on bringing resources to my district to maintain and create affordable housing units to enable hard-working low-income families to stay in safe and decent homes within the community.


2. What other important issues would you address if elected?

Based on my experience as a community organizer, I would continue to focus on housing-related health issues such as asthma and lead paint poisoning and would ensure that my district had the resources it needs to keep our children safe from these illnesses.

I would also continue to advocate for resources to ensure that all children of my district are given quality educational opportunities.


3. What makes you the best candidate for this office?

I have lived in the Williamsburg-Bushwick Community all my life and I care deeply about the issues that affect my fellow residents. In the past 20 years I have learned to channel my passion for my community into political and social action that has improved its quality of life. If elected, I would use this experience and the resources of the City Council, to help my community to channel its energy into improving the housing, healthcare, and education systems that are so vital to our lives and those of our children.


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