For each primary election covered in this Guide, we have listed all the candidates who will appear on the ballot. If a candidate did not submit a Voter Guide profile in time for inclusion in this Guide, then that candidate's name is starred.

Because candidates can be removed from the ballot for legal reasons until just before the election, some of these candidates may not appear on the ballot, and in some cases this might mean that no primary election will be held for a particular district. Visit the BOE at or by phone at 866-VOTE-NYC for up-to-date primary election information.

The profiles and photos in this Guide were submitted to the CFB by the candidates. The candidates have signed sworn statements that the information in their profiles is true to the best of their knowledge. The information provided by the candidates is reprinted as supplied by the candidates. The CFB does not edit the information submitted by the candidates other than to correct obvious typographical errors. The views expressed in the candidate statements do not represent those of the New York City Campaign Finance Board.