EVERY FOUR YEARS IN NEW YORK CITY there are elections for city offices. This is the online version of the official NYC Voter Guide for the 2009 primary election, which will be held on September 15, 2009.

The Voter Guide provides you with profiles of candidates running for mayor, public advocate, comptroller, borough president, and your City Council member so you can compare them and make an informed decision when you go vote. It answers common questions about voting, contact information for the NYC Board of Elections, links to other sources of information, and more. If you are a registered voter in NYC, you will also receive a printed edition of NYC Voter Guide in the mail.

In the September 15th primary election, candidates seek the nomination of major parties so they can run on that line in the general election. You must be a member of a party to vote in its primary. Some parties will not have primaries, and in some cases there will only be one candidate seeking the nomination, in which case no primary is required.

Starting in early September, you can watch each candidate's Video Voter Guide statement by clicking the link we'll be adding to the bottom of their profile in this Guide. You can watch the entire Video Voter Guide on TV starting September 7th on NYC TV Channel 74 and on NBC’s cable channel, NY Nonstop. To find out more about candidates for citywide office, watch them debate one another in the city’s official Debate Program. Check the debate schedule for broadcast and download information for each debate.

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