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Francesca Marisol Castellanos Luis Ambrocio Facundo Richard Realmuto Ydanis Rodriguez

Francesca Marisol Castellanos

Luis Ambrocio Facundo

Richard Realmuto

Ydanis Rodriguez

Cleofis  Sarete no photo Ruben Dario Vargas Manny Velazquez

Cleofis Sarete

Francisco A. Spies*

Ruben Dario Vargas

Manny Velazquez

Ruben Dario Vargas


Party enrolled in: Democratic

Occupation: Work for NYPD as Evidences and Property Specialist

Occupational background: Served 24 Years in the Military, retired from U.S.A. Air Force. Winner of medal in the Global war against terrorism

Educational background: City College of New York (CUNY) BA, Major in Political Science, June 1, 1994. Graduated from CORNELL UNIVERSITY, June 25, 1999 Two Years Program in Management and Labor Relations

Organizational affiliations: International Chess Federation (FIDE), Member of the Commission for the Chess Developing Countries, elected by the FIDE's General Assembly, October 15, 1982, City of Lucerne, Switzerland. Member of the United Nations Association of the USA since 1990. Member of the Three Parks Independent Democrat Club in the Upper West Side. Member of Club Northern Manhattan Democrat for a Change in Washington Heights

Prior public experience: Served 24 Years in the United States Armed Forces, U.S. Air Force's Retired; Employee of the City of New York for 20 Years. Judicial Delegate from 72 A.D., elected by the popular vote in Democratic Party'S Primary September 2007

Email: elect.ruben.vargas@earthlink.net


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1. What is the most important issue in Council District 10 you would address if elected?

Traffic Congestion


2. What other important issues would you address if elected?

Educations. Senior Citizens. Safety and crime prevention. Housing, Jobs and protection to small business. Youth Recreations Center. The creation of the Clergy Commission to provide and regulate funding to Churches. The Creation of a Pets tax credit for those who have registered Pet.


3. What makes you the best candidate for this office?

Because I have the Experience and the Academic qualifications. Know the needs of the community. I am The only candidate who have served the Country. I am the only contender with a stable Marriage with three Teenage Children attending Public High School. Beside the incumbent, I am the only candidate ever elected by the popular vote (democratic Primary September 2007). Most important, I have the natural abilities to serve. I am a people person. A promoter of wellness and mutual respect. Becoming a member of the NYC Council would enlarge my abilities to providing inspirations motivations and leadership to people of Good Will, and tirelessly work with these people for an even better society, a community of equal opportunity to success for every one, with Fairness and Justice for all.


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