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2009 NYC Voter Guide: Candidate Profile: Joseph L. Dobrian




William C. Thompson, Jr. Mike Bloomberg Stephen A. Christopher Billy Talen

William C. Thompson, Jr.
[ D, WF ]

Mike Bloomberg
[ R, I, JE ]

Stephen A. Christopher
[ C ]

Billy Talen
[ G ]

Joseph L. Dobrian Jimmy  McMillan Daniel Fein Francisca Villar

Joseph L. Dobrian
[ LBT ]

Jimmy McMillan
[ RTH ]

Daniel Fein
[ SW ]

Francisca Villar
[ PSL ]

Joseph L. Dobrian


Party enrolled in: Libertarian

Occupation: Principal of the consulting firm of Dobrian, Frances, Bowie, & Long

Occupational background: Journalist, editor, consultant specializing in editorial services, TV talk show host

Educational background: University of Iowa

Organizational affiliations: N/A

Prior public experience: 2002 Libertarian nominee for U.S. House of Representatives (8th C.D.); 2005 Libertarian nominee for Manhattan Borough President



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1. What is the most important issue in the city you would address if elected?

New Yorkers are fed up with the government's finger constantly wagging in our face, while its other hand goes through our pockets. I stand for the repeal of malicious and punitive taxes, onerous regulations, and laws that penalize private conduct, so long as that conduct does not include the initiation of force or fraud. I will return liberty and dignity to the individual. I will instruct our police force to focus on prevention of crimes against persons and property, and to assign the lowest priority to "victimless crimes."


2. What other important issues would you address if elected?

Although the Libertarian Party opposes public education on principle, I realize that it can't be abolished overnight. I will ensure that the city's public schools focus on basic skills and knowledge, instead of social engineering. I will put an end to "progressive" education, and will replace it with a modernized version of the Lancaster system, under which American schools used to be the envy of the world. I will also undertake to cut the city's government to the bone. I will seek to abolish useless offices, and will reduce the City Council to a debating society. Finally, I will restore respect for private property by utterly renouncing the use of eminent domain.


3. What makes you the best candidate for this office?

I am the only candidate for Mayor who stands for the principles of self-ownership and non-aggression. Each individual citizen is his own master: he is not, and must not be, a serf or chattel of government. Furthermore, just as no individual has the right to initiate force or fraud against another, no government should have that right. Our Mayor and City Council are constantly looking for more ways to tax, to introduce new rules, to make ordinary conduct punishable by fines or other penalties. I will put a stop to that. As Mayor, I will not seek to be your master. I stand for liberty.


(Reprinted as supplied by the candidate.)

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C = Conservative
D = Democratic
FJ = Freedom Justice
G = Green
I = Independence
JE = Jobs and Education
L = Liberal
LBT = Libertarian Party
NV = New Voice
P = Populist Party
PSL = Party for Socialism and Liberation
RTH* = Rent is Too High Party
R = Republican
SW = Socialist Workers Party
WF = Working Families

*Rent is Too Damn High was changed by the BOE to Rent is Too High after the printed Voter Guide had gone to press.