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Betsy F. Gotbaum
[ D ]

Jay Golub
[ C ]

Jim Lesczynski
[ LBT ]

Bernard Goetz
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Jim Lesczynski


Party enrolled in: Libertarian

Occupation: Marketing manager for a major global bank

Occupational background: 17 years experience as a marketing communications professional

Educational background: MBA in Finance and Marketing, New York University; BFA in Creative Writing, Bowling Green State University

Organizational affiliations: Chairman and Co-Founder, Manhattan Libertarian Party; Secretary and Co-Founder, NYC chapter of the Shooters’ Committee on Political Education; member, New York Civil Liberties Union and the National Rifle Association

Prior public experience: Overburdened taxpayer


Web site:



1. What is the most important issue in the city you would address if elected?

Eliminate the position of Public Advocate. Want to save the taxpayers of New York City millions of wasted tax dollars every year? Simply eliminate the position of Public Advocate, fire the staff, and board up the offices. The Public Advocate is a $150,000-a-year do-nothing job that was designed to give empty suits like Mark Green and Betsy Gotbaum a place to grandstand. It’s a vestige of the old city charter, evolved from the former position of City Council President. Now the Public Advocate is little more than a figurehead, a poor man’s Queen of England. If I am elected Public Advocate, I promise to report to work just long enough to fire the staff and padlock the office.


2. What other important issues would you address if elected?

Abolish matching funds. Although the original intent of the Campaign Finance Act may have been to provide fairer, more competitive elections, it’s proved to be nothing more than a welfare program for politicians.

The one good part about matching funds is that they provide a crystal ball into the future by which voters can judge candidates. Every candidate claims he’ll watch out for the taxpayers once he’s elected. But the matching funds program gives us a way to let them walk the walk before election day. If they abuse the taxpayers before they’re ever elected, they’re unlikely to change their ways once they’re in office.

I’m so serious about getting rid of this horrible welfare program for politicians that I filed a lawsuit against the city to overturn it on constitutional grounds. The lawsuit is slowly working its way through the courts.


3. What makes you the best candidate for this office?

I am running for Public Advocate to be the voice of freedom in the wilderness of New York City statist politics. If you like your liberty straight-up and your politicians rare (as in rarely messing with your life or your money) then I’m your man.


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C = Conservative
D = Democratic
EP = Education Party
G = Green
I = Independence
L = Liberal
LBT = Libertarian
R = Republican
REB = Rebuild Party
REF = Reform Party
RNY = Reform Pary of N.Y. Party
RTD = Rent is Too Damn High Party
SCS = Smaller Class Size Party
SW = Socialist Workers Party
VOP = Voice of the People
WF = Working Families
WVP = War Veterans Party


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