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Jim Lesczynski
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Bernard Goetz
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Bernard Goetz

Rebuild Party

Party enrolled in: Independence

Occupation: Engineer

Occupational background: Engineering, land development, building contracting, water treatment

Educational background: Electrical engineering (NYU), building contracting, water treatment

Organizational affiliations: none

Prior public experience: numerous neighborhood improvement projects


Web site:



1. What is the most important issue in the city you would address if elected?

The WTC site is among the most valuable real estate in the world, but is being handled by political hacks who in four years have only been able to come up with embarrassingly mediocre, meaningless, and impractical plans. The Libeskind plan and LMDC leadership should be scrapped, and Donald Trump put in charge of Ground Zero. Modern safer Twin Towers should be built with matching footprint memorials. For a detailed analysis see:


2. What other important issues would you address if elected?

With the advent of 311 and more efficient city government the 40 employees of the Public Advocate’s office could be significantly reduced. I would cut my salary in half as an example. * There should be experimental programs with power naps for city workers, tax incentives for stores not to have metal gates, water purification for Central Park lakes, adjustable Tasers for NYC police, voting reform, and the decriminalization of marijuana. * City administered food facilities (public schools, hospitals, mental hospitals, and jails) should offer a vegetarian menu in addition to the standard menu. This is for health, ethical, and environmental reasons. * The West Side Stadium should be calmly re-evaluated after the Ground Zero fiasco is resolved. There shouldn’t be giveaways, and a sports team probably shouldn’t own it. * NYC government, instead of state government, should control the MTA and more of the Port Authority. * New York City should separate its finances from New York State or become a separate state. * Some desirable projects, like the 2nd Avenue subway, should be delayed or cancelled until the long term financial situation of the city and state is better resolved. * Modern local separation/incineration facilities should be considered to address the garbage issue. Minimizing air pollution would have priority over electricity production. * Emergency workers should have multi-band radios (like Los Angeles). * I support the mayor on most issues, but the fire house closings are bad for morale, the WTC site should be handled better, and the smoking ban could be relaxed somewhat.


3. What makes you the best candidate for this office?

I support positions that are not addressed by other candidates, have a positive attitude to working with the city council and mayor’s office, do not accept matching funds or contributions, and am not obligated to any political organization or special interest groups. See:


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Not participating in the Campaign Finance Program.


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C = Conservative
D = Democratic
EP = Education Party
G = Green
I = Independence
L = Liberal
LBT = Libertarian
R = Republican
REB = Rebuild Party
REF = Reform Party
RNY = Reform Pary of N.Y. Party
RTD = Rent is Too Damn High Party
SCS = Smaller Class Size Party
SW = Socialist Workers Party
VOP = Voice of the People
WF = Working Families
WVP = War Veterans Party


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