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Betsy F. Gotbaum
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Betsy F. Gotbaum


Party enrolled in: Democratic

Occupation: Public Advocate of the City of New York

Occupational background: President, The New York Historical Society; Commissioner, NYC Department of Parks and Recreation; Director, NYC Police Foundation; Assistant to the Mayor for Education; Director, Easy Ride; Deputy Director, Precinct Receptionist Program, NYPD; Director, National Alliance Against Violence; Program Analyst, NYC Board of Education; School teacher

Educational background: M.Ed., Teacher’s College, Columbia University; B.A., The George Washington University

Organizational affiliations: Formerly on Board of Directors: The Community Service Society; The Municipal Art Society; Goodwill Industries; The Valley Recreation and Youth Development Program

Prior public experience: Commissioner, NYC Department of Parks and Recreation

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1. What is the most important issue in the city you would address if elected?

When I took office, education was the most important issue, and it still is today. The Administration has fallen short on its promise to improve schools. As your Public Advocate, I have forced the Administration to acknowledge major problems with special education and commit more money to the system. I have also shed light on its failed school safety policy and inadequate approach to overcrowding, and I have successfully pushed for a plan to build more schools for less money. I will continue to fight to ensure that parents and teachers are included in the Administration’s decision making process and that all students receive the services they need to learn.


2. What other important issues would you address if elected?

As Public Advocate, I have built a strong record of helping families in all five boroughs. I have spent the past four years fighting for affordable housing, advocating for our senior citizens, demanding better subway and bus service, protecting children in foster care, promoting public safety, and monitoring City agencies to ensure they are delivering services to residents, especially those who are most vulnerable.


3. What makes you the best candidate for this office?

I am the only candidate who combines 35 years of experience in public service and City government with a passion for advocating on the public’s behalf. My office works for New Yorkers every day, and I plan to continue working to hold government accountable and responsive to the people. My office has served tens of thousands of New Yorkers, helped residents navigate City government, exposed problems with government polices, and forced the City to improve service delivery. Whether I am fighting against the West Side Stadium, saving the Meals on Wheels Program, or advocating for affordable housing, I’m committed to protecting New Yorkers in all five boroughs.


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C = Conservative
D = Democratic
EP = Education Party
G = Green
I = Independence
L = Liberal
LBT = Libertarian
R = Republican
REB = Rebuild Party
REF = Reform Party
RNY = Reform Pary of N.Y. Party
RTD = Rent is Too Damn High Party
SCS = Smaller Class Size Party
SW = Socialist Workers Party
VOP = Voice of the People
WF = Working Families
WVP = War Veterans Party


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