2015 Voter Guide

NYC Campaign Finance Board

The Campaign Finance Board is a nonpartisan, independent city agency that enhances the role of New York City residents in elections. The CFB's mission is to increase voter participation and awareness, provide campaign finance information to the public, enable more citizens to run for office, strengthen the role of small contributors, and reduce the potential for actual or perceived corruption.

The CFB's NYC Votes campaign promotes voter registration, voting, and civic engagement through community outreach and partnerships with public and private organizations. For information on programs and events for potential voters, call 212-409-1800.

The CFB enforces the Campaign Finance Act, which sets limits and restrictions on campaign contributions to candidates for local office. Candidates are required to disclose exactly where their contributions come from and how the money is spent. Candidates must also abide by doing business restrictions aimed at reducing the perception of "pay-to-play" in local government. The CFB also collects and discloses information about independent expenditures in local elections. The CFB makes this information public on its website.

Candidates have the option of joining the voluntary Campaign Finance Program, which provides public matching funds to qualified candidates who agree to abide by strictly enforced spending limits. The public matching funds program allows candidates with sufficient public support to run competitive campaigns without seeking out large campaign contributions or relying on personal wealth.

If you are interested in running for city office, or in learning more about how the CFB helps make NYC elections more open and democratic, please contact the CFB at 100 Church Street, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10007. You can also email us at info@nyccfb.info.

  • Amy M. Loprest
    Executive Director
  • Kitty Chan
    Chief of Staff
  • Sue Ellen Dodell
    General Counsel
  • Eric Friedman
    Assistant Executive Director for Public Affairs
  • Peri Horowitz
    Assistant Executive Director for Campaign Finance Administration
  • Daniel Cho | Director of Candidate Services
  • Onida Coward Mayers | Director of Voter Assistance
  • Rhonda Gaskins | Chief of Document Processing
  • Jonnathon Kline | Director of Auditing & Accounting
  • Diana Lundy | Chief of Records Management
  • Kenneth O'Brien | Director of Systems Administration
  • Jesse Schaffer | Director of Special Compliance
  • Matthew Sollars | Press Secretary
  • Elizabeth A. Upp | Director of Communications
  • Hillary Weisman | Director of Legal Unit


This online Voter Guide was created by the Communications Unit of the Campaign Finance Board —Jing Cao, Crystal Choy, Winnie Ng, Karina Schroeder, and Elizabeth A. Upp — with the assistance of Katharine G. Loving.