Joseph Borelli


Public Advocate

Public Advocate

Top 3 Issues:

1. Stopping the de Blasio agenda
2. Stopping the de Blasio agenda
3. Stopping the de Blasio agenda

Candidate Video Profile

Read Video Script:

This video is a just a small part of the near $40 million the city will spend this year to elect and staff the New York City Public Advocate; a job with no almost no purpose, no responsibilities, and no duties under the city charter.  It is a remarkably useless office, and one which I will work to reform - or even eliminate – if you elect me to it.
The only real role the Public Advocate has is to be the mouthpiece of those fed up with the Mayor and the current administration over at City Hall. And just like you, I am up to here with this Mayor.
But believe it or not, I am the only candidate in the race who didn’t actually endorse Bill de Blasio to be mayor of New York.
Isn’t it better to have someone treat the de Blasio administration like the punching bag it is, who like you, didn’t even vote for the guy?
If you can’t get past the fact that I am Republican or that I supported Donald Trump, fine, vote for the other guy.  But if you think its better that the public advocate be an opponent of Bill de Blasio rather than his ally, vote for me, Joe Borelli.
Now, if you want someone to support the mayor and his radical, backward agenda – assuming he even shows up for work – vote for the other guy.
If you want someone to stand up for all of us who can no longer afford to be middle class residents of this city, I’m your candidate.
If you are sick of no one standing up for taxpayers, I’m your guy.
If you are sick of seeing the quality of life on our streets deteriorate, I’m your guy.
If you’re sick of hearing no one at city hall saying exactly what you’re thinking, I’m your guy.
Vote for me, Joe Borelli, because it’s a vote for your wallet, and it’s a vote against Bill de Blasio.

Current Occupation

NYC Councilman, Chair of Fire & Emergency Management Cmte. CUNY Professor. Contributor, The Hill

Previous Occupation

Member of the New York State Assembly, Chief of Staff, New York City Council, Bartender


Lindsay Fellow, CUNY Institute of State and Local Government, M.A. CUNY College of Staten Island, B.A. Marist College

Organizational Affiliation

National Caucus of Republican Mayors and City Council Members, Knights of Columbus, Holy Child Roman Catholic Church

Prior Public Experience

Member of the New York State Assembly, Ranking member of the committee on Cities, NYC Voter Assistance and Advisory Commission

Candidate Statement

Imagine how much money was wasted in sending this booklet to every registered voter in a city of 8.5 million people…
It’s but one example of how little those in City Hall actually value the taxpayers like you who are left footing the bill.
Who speaks for your family?