New York City Campaign Finance Board



  Party Enrolled In: Democratic

  Occupation: Clinical Social Worker

  Occupational Background: At age 9 Joyce became a professional singer and worked for the USO. Presently a Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Bayside providing individual, family and couple counseling.

  Educational Background: Received her GED at 35. Obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree within 3 years after receiving 36 Life Experience credits from Queens College. Received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Adelphi University in 16 months.

  Organizational Affiliations: President of the Citizen’s Committee for Change (CACC) An Ad Hoc grass-roots watch dog citizen’s group overseeing the allocation of public funds. Former Vice President and fundraiser of the Forest Hills Chapter of B’nai Brith, Recording Secretary, Cancer Care, Forest Hills Hadassah, National Association of Social Workers, The New York State Social Work Psychotherapist’s, Inc. AARP

  Prior Public Experience: In 1991 Joyce organized a statewide coalition, The Citizen’s Committee on Restoring the Courts (CORC). She organized and worked with the NAACP, NYPIRG, League of Women’s Voters, District Council 37, Court Clerk’s Union, Court Officer’s Union, and the NYS Trial Lawyers Assoc. to protest the closing of the Small Claims and Civil Courts. Joyce organized a rally of over 500 people protesting the denial of justice to the people One week later 495 court worker’s jobs were restored and the courts were reopened.