ballot proposals


Ballot proposals are questions placed on the ballot for voters to decide. Ballot proposals are usually located on the right-hand side of the ballot in the voting booth, near the top or the bottom corner. Voters can vote “Yes” or “No” for each proposal.


In the general election this year, New York City voters will be asked to vote on two New York State ballot proposals (expected to be Question 1 and Question 2 on the ballot), and two local City ballot proposals (expected to be Question 3 and Question 4).


The CFB has prepared plain language summaries of each proposal based on the “official abstracts” provided by the State and by the New York City Charter Revision Commission. “Reasons to Vote YES” and “Reasons to Vote NO” were prepared by the CFB based on statements made by different groups and individuals at public hearings, in the press, and in submissions to the Campaign Finance Board. The full text of all pro and con statements received by the CFB is included in this online Voter Guide. See below for more information about the local ballot proposals.


The “Reasons to Vote YES” and “Reasons to Vote NO” and the pro and con statements submitted by the public in this Guide do not in any way represent the views of the Campaign Finance Board, which takes no position for or against these ballot proposals. They also may not represent all possible arguments for or against each proposal. The CFB urges you to follow the public debate on each proposal, and not to rely only on the information presented in this Guide, so that you can make informed decisions on election day.


The Charter Revision Commission

The Charter Revision Commission (the “CRC”), a governmental body appointed by the Mayor over a year ago to consider changes to the City Charter, has made two proposals you will vote on this year.


Prior to making these proposals, the CRC held public meetings and hearings, and has published reports on its work. Transcripts of the meetings and hearings, and copies of the reports, are available from the CRC at (212) 676-2060 and on their Web site,


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