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Akshay Arun Vaishampayan

Running as Candidate for

Congressional District 5

Party Enrolled in


Top Three Issues

1: Our transportation system. Fix It.

2: Education. Integrate students fairly.

3: Affordable rent for everyone.

Current Occupation

Regulatory Finance Banker- AML (Anti-Money Laundering) Investigator

Previous Occupation

Executive Assistant to Arva Rice at NY Urban League


University of California - Irvine (g. 2010)
B.A. International Studies and Political Science
American University of Paris
M.A. International Affairs (g. 2011)

Prior Public Experience

Organizer and volunteer recruitment for NY Urban League. Organized career fairs and scholarship programs for underprivileged youth

Candidate Statement

My name is Akshay Vaishampayan and I am running to represent our community in the New York State Assembly.  I believe that I can bring a fresh perspective to the many problems facing our state.

I grew up in Los Angeles as a product of the public school system. My parents immigrated from India in the 80's. My sister and I were born and raised in the U.S. I learned the value of hard work but also learned that upward mobility is possible when you have a society that supports it.

Upon graduation I received my B.A. from the U.C., Irvine and my M.A. from the American University of Paris. I have worked as an AML consultant to various banking institutions, advising them on compliance with financial regulations and keeping them honest.

That is what I do. I am a solutions driven person and I want to bring that skill-set to Albany. Come take a look at my plan and join me as we cross the bridge to the next generation of politics in the State of New York.