Candidate Profile

Cordell Cleare (Time To Wake Up)
Running as Candidate for
9th City Council District
Party Enrolled In
Current Occupation
Consultant, Female District Leader, 70th AD Part A
Previous Occupation(s)
Chief of Staff, State Senator Bill Perkins, 2006-2016; Chief of Staff, City Council Member Bill Perkins, 1998-2005
Empire State
Organizational Affiliations
Chair, NYC Coalition to End Lead Poisoning
Prior Public Experience
Member, Community Education Council, District 3, 2004-2005; Delegate for President Obama, 2008 National Democratic Convention
What is the most important issue in Council District 9 you would address if elected?
Protecting tenants rights, preserving existing and securing income targeted housing. Tenants are being pushed out of their housing due to market rents, lack of information about housing rights, greed and harassment.
What other important issues would you address if elected?
Increase better educational outcomes and achievements for public school students. Ensure accountability in charter schools. Increase protections for victims of domestic violence. Support more protections against hazardous environmental conditions. Job creation, more employment opportunities and increase year round funding for SYEP. Support police reform, immigrant and worker's rights. Advocate for and protect services for seniors. Protect street vendors and increase support for small business owners, vendors, women and other entrepreneurs.
What makes you the best candidate for this office?
I am the best candidate for Dist. 9 because I have the experience and knowledge of how city government works. As the Chief of Staff to a Council Member, I helped draft legislation and shaped committee hearing topics. I also know the budget process intimately. I provided extensive constituent services for residents, organizations and businesses. I am an activist, community organizer and coalition builder. I seek to build relationships with Harlem residents that cross economic, class, racial and ethnic, religious and political backgrounds. There are competing factions in the community that I would like to unite. My years of experience coupled with my vision qualify me for this seat. Most importantly I have worked, lived, worshiped and raised my family in this community. Spanning 4 generations, I have witnessed Harlem's changes and challenges. This has given me an historic perspective and first hand knowledge of the community's struggles and has prepared me for the work ahead.

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The City Council is the legislative, or law-making, branch of New York City’s government. The City Council is responsible for passing local laws, making decisions about land use, overseeing city agencies, and approving the city’s budget. Each Council member represents one of the 51 New York City Council districts. Council members receive an annual base salary of $148,500.

The winner of the February 14 election will fill the seat through the end of the 2017 calendar year. A primary and general election will be held this fall to fill the seat for a full four-year term starting in January 2018.

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