Voter Guide

This Voter Guide is produced by the New York City Campaign Finance Board (CFB) to help city voters make informed choices at the polls. The CFB creates an online Guide for every city election. This Guide lists all the candidates who were expected to be on the ballot at the time of publication.


The profiles and photos in this Guide were submitted to the CFB by the candidates, all of whom have affirmed that the information provided is true to the best of their knowledge. The views expressed in the candidate statements do not represent those of the CFB.

Last date to postmark absentee ballot application
SEP 11
Last day to apply for an absentee ballot in person
Last date to postmark absentee ballot (must be received by city BOE by September 18)
SEP 12
Primary election
Last day to deliver an absentee ballot in person
OCT 13
Last day to register to vote for the general election by mail and in person
Last day to change your party affiliation to vote in next year's primary elections in person
General election