Elizabeth Glass


Running as Candidate for

Senate District 27

Party Enrolled in


Top Three Issues

  1. Budget Deficit and Wasteful Spending
  2. Disability Rights and Fairness
  3. Resolution for NYCHA Residents

Current Occupation


Previous Occupation

International ESL Educator


Bachelor of Science Accounting - SUNY Buffalo SUMMA CUM LAUDE

Organizational Affiliation

New York Public Library ESL Teacher

Candidate Statement

I believe in a constituent-driven legislative body, and am committed to making a difference in the quality of life for the people of New York.

Our elected officials and their corporate sponsors care about one thing and one thing only: enriching themselves at your expense. Corporations should never have precedence over the people.

We are facing an unprecedented fiscal deficit, health crisis, and erosion of our constitutional rights in New York State. Waste is rampant, and the budget deficit has been a longstanding problem, exacerbated by the current COVID-19 pandemic. We need honest leaders who will fight this invisible enemy that has upended our way of life. Our safety is compromised, and our freedoms are under attack.

My campaign is a grassroots effort supported by fearless and bold New Yorkers who are standing up and demanding change. Our state is in crisis. We need caring, dedicated leaders who will fight for "We, the people." My name is Elizabeth Glass, and I will fight for you.