Paperboy Love Prince


Running as Candidate for

Congressional District 7

Party Enrolled in


Top Three Issues

  1. Universal Basic Income
  2. Universal Healthcare/Medicare For All
  3. Spreading Love

Current Occupation

Web Developer/Rapper/Activist

Previous Occupation

Artist/Rapper, Activist, Web Developer, Journalist, Actor


University Of Maryland: College Park; Computer Science, Broadcast Journalism

Organizational Affiliation

Spread Love to all People

Prior Public Experience

Ambassador to the Community

Candidate Statement

I have come to understand and love the people of this district. I have spent my time on the ground with the people here, in the streets talking to those who are forgotten by traditional politicians, online encouraging my neighbors to take their grievances to their elected officials, and being a daily example of light and leadership in the community.


In the next 10 years, technology and automation will redefine our workforce and every fabric of our economy and community. We need elected officials that not only understand how to use and regulate this technology but also have the vision to create innovative solutions to the problems of the future. My fresh ideas and mentality are just what this district needs moving into the future.