Ramon Rodriguez


Running as Candidate for

Congressional District 13

Party Enrolled in


Top Three Issues

  1. Universal Health Care for All
  2. Rent Control for Small Business
  3. Affordable Housing

Current Occupation

Food and Beverage Manager

Previous Occupation

Assistant Food and Beverage Manager, Four Seasons Hotel New York; Catering Manager, Business Columbia University


Master's Degree in School Psychology, BC; Design Thinking and US. Political Institutions: Congress, Presidency, Courts, and Bureaucracy, Harvard U

Organizational Affiliation

FACES cancer walk

Prior Public Experience

Etiquette and Protocol for PS5, More than 15 years teaching our children manners; Business Protocol, Baruch College

Candidate Statement

Ramon Rodriguez has been part of district 13 for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place.


He knows the value of being connected. That's why he is running for US Congress District 13.


Broadway is empty because our small business are gone, we need to create a rent control law in order to keep our small business, rent is so expensive for this reason we need affordable housing, also insurance are not working to help us, we need healthcare for all. Finally, we need better educational programs for our children.