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Election Day

Election Day is November 3rd!

You don't have to wait! Vote early in-person October 24th–November 1st.

Make your voice heard! This fall, you have the chance to shape our city’s future. Find your poll site.

When are polls open on Election Day?
Polls will be open 6am-9pm.

If I requested an absentee ballot, can I still vote in person?

How are poll sites preparing for the coronavirus?
The Board of Elections has prepared extensively to keep all poll sites safe. Masks and social distancing are required, surfaces will be regularly cleaned with disinfectant, hand sanitizer will be available for all, and poll workers will work behind plexiglass. For shorter lines, we recommend voting early.

When will votes be counted?
Election Day votes will be counted when polls close.

I heard that Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center are poll sites. Can I vote there?
Only if they are your assigned poll sites.