2017-2018 Voter Assistance Annual Report


As New Yorkers, our daily lives are filled with concerns we expect our local government to address, from the safety of our streets and neighborhoods, to the quality of our public schools, to the cost of living, and access to good jobs. This past year, we conducted a broad, nonpartisan, multimedia voter engagement campaign that connected voting in our citywide elections with making an impact on these issues. Those efforts supplemented a robust calendar of programming and voter registration activities.

For the first time in decades, total voter turnout in the 2017 elections didn’t decrease from the previous mayoral election. That’s worth noting. But to boost turnout and make sure that our elections put the needs of voters first, we need to continue advocating to make sure that our voting laws are changed.  In this year’s Annual Report, we take a look back at our year-long effort to help more New Yorkers participate in their 2017 citywide elections. In addition, we provide analysis of voter registration and turnout from 2017, which makes a strong case for the election reforms our state still needs.

To see how voter turnout and registration looked throughout our city in 2017, take a look at our interactive maps and charts for the primary and general elections.