NYC Campaign Finance Board Approves $1.8 Million in Public Funds Payments to 2021 Candidates


The NYC Campaign Finance Board (CFB) approved $1,798,122 in public matching funds payments to 67 city candidates on the 2021 primary ballot during a public meeting earlier this morning.

The CFB has now issued $75,853,172 to 250 candidates participating in the 2021 elections. To date, the CFB has issued maximum public funds payments to 103 City Council candidates and 1 Comptroller candidate. The payments approved by the Board today are detailed in the tables below and will be added to the CFB's campaign finance summary webpage by the end of the day.

There are 427 active candidates participating in the campaign finance program. More than 93 percent of all the individual contributions raised are less than $250 and more than 71 percent are from New York City residents. The CFB's interactive contribution map helps voters see where candidates are raising money within New York City.

To qualify for public funds, candidates must meet fundraising thresholds demonstrating support from within their communities. The eligibility thresholds encourage candidates to raise small contributions from voters living within the city.

Today's public funds payments are based on campaign filings received from candidates as of March 15 and amendments filed by campaigns in response to the CFB's ongoing audit process. The next filing deadline for candidates and independent expenditure groups is May 21.

Public Funds Payments - May 13, 2021 - MAYORAL CANDIDATES
Candidate Payments Approved May 13, 2021
Eric Adams $1,900
Shaun Donovan $25,116
Kathryn Garcia $2,831
Dianne Morales $560
Scott Stringer $79,682
Maya Wiley $47,812
Andrew Yang $95,403
Total Mayor: $253,304

Public Funds Payments - May 13, 2021 - COMPTROLLER CANDIDATES
Candidate Payment Approved May 13, 2021
Zachary Iscol $38,418
Brad Lander $53,185
David Weprin $30,292
Total Comptroller: $121,895

Public Funds Payments - May 13, 2021 - BOROUGH PRESIDENT CANDIDATES
Candidate Payment Approved May 13, 2021
Robert Cornegy, Jr. $9,063
Antonio Reynoso $22,908
Lindsey Boylan $13,566
Brad Hoylman $24,723
Benjamin Kallos $12,434
Mark Levine $15,637
Elizabeth Crowley $12,963
Jimmy Van Bramer $21,926
Staten Island
Steven Matteo $2,826
Radhakrishna Mohan $81,624
The Bronx
Fernando Cabrera $45,619
Vanessa Gibson $5,700
Samuel Ravelo $218,014
Total Borough President: $487,003

Public Funds Payments - May 13, 2021 - CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATES
Candidate Payment Approved May 13, 2021
District 1
Susan Lee $3,420
District 2
Erin Hussein $40,569
Carlina Rivera $24,581
District 3
Leslie Boghosian Murphy $7,106
Aleta LaFargue $1,862
District 5
Christopher Sosa $274
District 9
Keith Taylor $380
District 11
Abigail Martin $160,444 *
District 12
Kevin Riley $74,640
District 14
Haile Rivera $1,292
District 16
Ahmadou Diallo $294
Althea Stevens $152
District 18
Darlene Jackson $304
Mirza Rashid $48,526
District 20
Neng Wang $89,775
District 23
Steve Behar $56,339
District 24
Moumita Ahmed $1,961
Saifur Khan $5,282
District 25
Yi Chen $160,349
Liliana Melo $1,672
Carolyn Tran $646
District 26
Denise Keehan-Smith $1,786
District 27
Kerryanne Burke $4,180
Al-Hassan Kanu $570
Jermaine Sean Smith $43,274
District 28
Adrienne Adams $309
District 29
Douglas Shapiro $2,660
Edwin Wong $1,140
District 32
Helal Sheikh $2,660
District 33
April Somboun $692
District 34
Scott Murphy $50,350
District 35
Regina Kinsey $769
District 37
Rick Echevarria $2,166
District 38
Victor Swinton $94,392
District 39
Briget Rein $76
District 40
Blake Morris $327
District 45
Anthony Beckford $1,330
Farah Louis $1,757
District 49
John McBeth $38,076
Troy McGhie $836
Ranti Ogunleye $3,496
Michael Schnall $2,090
District 50
Sam Pirozzolo $3,116
Total City Council: $935,920
*Represents a maximum public funds payment

The CFB withholds five percent of the public funds payment until the final payment prior to the election. For primary election candidates, the withheld amount will be issued in the payment scheduled for June 17.

The next disclosure reports are due by midnight on May 21. There will then be a public funds payment on May 27 based on those disclosures. In total, there are eight public matching funds payments scheduled ahead of the primary elections on June 22.


The CFB provides matching funds out of the city's General Fund to qualifying candidates at a rate of $8 for every $1 received from New York City residents, up to the first $175 for donations to City Council and Borough President candidates, and up to $250 for donations to citywide candidates, for a maximum payment-per-resident of $1,400 or $2,000, respectively.

To qualify for matching funds, candidates must demonstrate support from within their communities by meeting a two-part fundraising threshold and abide by the other requirements set in the Campaign Finance Act. For instance, to qualify for public funding in City Council races, candidates must raise at least $5,000 from city residents. Only the first $175 contributed per city resident counts towards meeting the threshold.

Additionally, City Council candidates must receive at least 75 contributions from residents of the district where they are running. Candidates also must comply with all program rules, including individual contribution limits and a prohibition on collecting contributions from corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships.

The matching rate increased to $8-to-$1 in November 2018 when it was adopted by voters along with other improvements to the matching funds program. For 2021, candidates may choose to participate in the previous program, which provides public funds at a $6-to-$1 matching rate. However, 98 percent of 2021 candidates participating in the program are choosing to abide by the new rules.


The CFB's Candidate Services staff offers candidates extensive support by providing access to trainings, resources, and one-on-one guidance to help campaigns navigate their disclosure requirements and compliance obligations. For the 2021 elections, the agency published a detailed guidance document with the payment schedule, requirements, and applicable deadlines for candidates to follow.


More information about the candidates' campaign finance data is available on the CFB website in the Campaign Finance Summary portal. Individual contributions, campaign spending, intermediaries, and independent PAC expenditures are available in the CFB's Follow the Money database.