NYC Campaign Finance Board Approves $1.4M in Matching Funds Payments to 2021 Candidates


The NYC Campaign Finance Board (CFB) approved public matching funds payments totaling $1,450,718 to 13 candidates in the 2021 New York City elections. This is the second round of public funds payments in the 2021 elections. Candidates qualify for public funding by raising small contributions from NYC residents.

Today's payment reflects the impact of the improved $8-to-$1 matching rate, more robust candidate guidance and training, and increased interest in running for local offices. Four candidates are receiving public funds for the first time today, an indication that the new matching rate is drawing new candidates to run for city office. One City Council candidate qualified to receive a maximum public funds payment of $160,444 today.

To date, two mayoral candidates, two comptroller candidates, three borough president candidates, and 59 City Council candidates have qualified for public funds. Over 96 percent of candidates in the 2021 elections are participating in the program, though participation does not guarantee payment.

To qualify for public funds, candidates must demonstrate support from within their communities by raising small contributions within the city. This encourages candidates to spend more time speaking to voters and less time fundraising. The exact thresholds that candidates must meet to qualify for public funds differs between offices.

Candidate Office Payment on
January 15, 2021
Stringer, Scott M Mayor $38,503
All Candidates Mayor $38,503

Candidate Office Payment on
January 15, 2021
Benjamin, Brian Comptroller $952,162
All Candidates Comptroller $952,162

Candidate Borough Payment on
January 15, 2021
Van Bramer, James Queens $1,491
All Candidates All BPs $1,491

Candidate City Council District Payment on
January 15, 2021
Freeland, Billy District 5 $950
Ordonez, Maria District 7 $102,547
Jordan, Kristen District 9 $160,444*
Ung, Sandra District 20 $2,546
Krishnan, Shekar District 25 $380
Singh, Felicia District 32 $760
Cambranes, Victoria District 33 $52,410
Narcisse, Mercedes District 46 $135,508
Ogunleye, Ranti District 49 $1,687
Richards, Kelvin District 49 $1,330
All Candidates All Districts $458,562
*Represents a maximum public funds payment

Candidates in the 2021 New York City elections filed their most recent disclosure reports with the CFB on July 15, 2020. The above payments are based on campaign financial data provided by this deadline. The next disclosure reports are due on January 15, 2021. There will be a public funds payment in February based on disclosures filed on January 15. There are eight public funds payments scheduled prior to the primary election on June 22.


The CFB provides matching funds out of the city's General Fund to qualifying candidates at a rate of $8 for every $1 received from New York City residents, up to the first $175 for donations to City Council and Borough President candidates, and up to $250 for donations to citywide candidates, for a maximum payment-per-resident of $1,400 or $2,000, respectively.

To qualify for matching funds, candidates must demonstrate support from within their communities by meeting a two-part fundraising threshold and abide by the other requirements set in the Campaign Finance Act. For instance, to qualify for public funding in City Council races, candidates must raise at least $5,000 from city residents. Only the first $175 contributed per city resident counts towards meeting the threshold. Additionally, City Council candidates must receive at least 75 contributions from residents of the district where they are running. Candidates also must comply with all program rules, including individual contribution limits and a prohibition on collecting contributions from corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships.

The matching rate increased to $8-to-$1 in November 2018 when it was adopted by voters along with other improvements to the matching funds program. For 2021, candidates may choose to participate in the previous program, which provides public funds at a $6-to-$1 matching rate. However, 98 percent of 2021 candidates participating in the program are choosing to abide by the new rules.


The CFB's Candidate Services staff offers candidates extensive support by providing access to trainings, resources, and one-on-one guidance to help campaigns navigate their disclosure requirements and compliance obligations. For the 2021 elections, the agency published a detailed guidance document with the payment schedule, requirements, and applicable deadlines for candidates to follow.


More information about the candidates' campaign finance data is available on the CFB website in the Campaign Finance Summary portal. Individual contributions, campaign spending, intermediaries, and independent PAC expenditures are available in the CFB's Follow the Money database.