Meeting Recap: CFB Votes on Public Matching Funds Payments, Enforcement Matters At Today's Meeting


The NYC Campaign Finance Board (CFB) voted to approve $23.3 million in public matching funds payments to candidates in the 2021 election cycle at a public meeting held remotely this morning. A video recording of the meeting is available on the CFB's Youtube channel.

During today's meeting, the CFB also determined that one campaign from the 2017 election cycle committed violations and assessed penalties for those violations. Refer to the table below for more details.

Deferred Payment to 2021 Mayoral Candidate

CFB Chair Frederick Schaffer issued the following remarks regarding the CFB's decision to defer payment to a 2021 mayoral candidate:

“The Board is deferring its decision on whether to pay public funds to the Donovan campaign today, but it has not made a determination on public funds payments nor on whether there has been a violation. The Board will seek further information in this matter from the Donovan campaign and from New Start NYC and will review that information promptly.”
Violations and Penalties
(for details, follow the link in the total penalties column)
(Election Cycle)
Office Violation Penalty Total Penalties
Diana Ayala

Jacqueline Torriente

Public Funds Received: $125,125
City Council
(District 8)
1. Failing to demonstrate compliance with cash receipts reporting and documentation requirements $339 $589
2. Failing to report transactions in daily pre-election disclosure statements $250