Board Approves $6M in Public Funds


The NYC Campaign Finance Board (CFB) approved $6,280,701 in public matching funds payments to 48 candidates during a public meeting this morning. With today's payments, the Board has issued more than $120 million to candidates in the 2021 elections. The Board has paid more than $11 million to candidates in the general election, while more than $109 million was issued to candidates for the June primary elections.

The payments approved by the Board today are detailed in the table below and will be added to the CFB's campaign finance summary by the end of the day. The CFB's interactive contribution map helps voters see where candidates are raising money within the city, showing that more than 72 percent of all funds raised come from NYC residents and nearly 93 percent of individual contributions are $250 or less.

To qualify for public funds, candidates must meet fundraising thresholds demonstrating support from within their communities. The eligibility thresholds encourage candidates to raise small contributions from voters living within the city. Today's public funds payments are based on campaign finance activity reported by the campaigns through June 11 and amendments filed by campaigns in response to the CFB's ongoing audit process.

Office Candidate Payment
Mayor Eric Adams $1,952,004
Curtis Sliwa $2,603,153
Comptroller Brad Lander $71,582
Borough President - Brooklyn Antonio Reynoso $3,116
Borough President - Queens Donovan Richards $1,406
Borough President - Staten Island Mark Murphy $146,165
Leticia Remauro $24,502
Borough President - Bronx Vanessa Gibson $29,374
Samuel Ravelo $13,186
City Council District 1 Maud Maron $134,512
Christopher Marte $17,005
City Council District 5 Mark Foley $18,430
Julie Menin $53,825
City Council District 10 Edwin De La Cruz $39,322
City Council District 11 Eric Dinowitz $1,520
City Council District 13 Aleksander Mici $90,136
City Council District 15 Oswald Feliz $3,990
City Council District 19 Tony Avella $40,546
Vickie Paladino $28,918
City Council District 20 Yu-Ching Pai $115,623
City Council District 22 Edwin Dejesus $2,432
Felicia Kalan $9,279
City Council District 23 Linda Lee $53,907
James Reilly $59,185
City Council District 24 James Gennaro $59,071
Mujib Rahman $20,558
City Council District 25 Fatima Baryab $160,444
Shekar Krishnan $790
City Council District 26 Marvin Jeffcoat $11,514
Julie Won $17,282
City Council District 29 Michael Conigliaro $6,270
Lynn Schulman $52,318
City Council District 31 Selvena Brooks-Powers $77,769
Vanessa Simon $6,133
City Council District 32 Joann Ariola $62,116
Felicia Singh $95,578
Kenichi Wilson $380
City Council District 35 Regina Kinsey $13,034
City Council District 43 Brian Fox $13,946
City Council District 46 Donald Cranston $23,020
City Council District 47 Ari Kagan $35,479
City Council District 48 Steven Saperstein $94,055
Inna Vernikov $9,622
City Council District 49 Kamillah Hanks $3,378
Patricia Rondinelli $1,862
City Council District 50 David Carr $1,900
George Wonica $760
City Council District 51 Olivia Drabczyk $304


The CFB withholds five percent of the public funds payment until the final payment prior to the election.


The next disclosure reports are due by midnight on October 2. The next general election payment will be issued on October 7.


The CFB provides matching funds out of the city's General Fund to qualifying candidates at a rate of $8 for every $1 received from New York City residents, up to the first $175 for donations to City Council and Borough President candidates, and up to $250 for donations to citywide candidates, for a maximum payment-per-resident of $1,400 or $2,000, respectively.

To qualify for matching funds, candidates must demonstrate support from within their communities by meeting a two-part fundraising threshold and abide by the other requirements set in the Campaign Finance Act. For instance, to qualify for public funding in City Council races, candidates must raise at least $5,000 from city residents. Only the first $175 contributed per city resident counts towards meeting the threshold.

Additionally, City Council candidates must receive at least 75 contributions from residents of the district where they are running. Candidates also must comply with all program rules, including individual contribution limits and a prohibition on collecting contributions from corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships.

The matching rate increased to $8-to-$1 in November 2018 when it was adopted by voters along with other improvements to the matching funds program. For 2021, candidates may choose to participate in the previous program, which provides public funds at a $6-to-$1 matching rate. However, 98 percent of 2021 candidates participating in the program are choosing to abide by the new rules.


The CFB's Candidate Services staff offers candidates extensive support by providing access to trainings, resources, and one-on-one guidance to help campaigns navigate their disclosure requirements and compliance obligations. For the 2021 elections, the agency published a detailed guidance document with the payment schedule, requirements, and applicable deadlines for candidates to follow.


More information about the candidates' campaign finance data is available on the CFB website in the Campaign Finance Summary portal. Individual contributions, campaign spending, intermediaries, and independent expenditures are available in the CFB's Follow the Money database.