Know Your Vote: News from the City Council District 45 Special Election - May 14, 2019


Below is a timeline of news headlines from the citywide special election for City Council District 45 in Brooklyn, New York. We’ll continue adding to the list up until Election Day. Visit for help with voter registration and other voting questions. Click on the candidates' names to see their profile in the Voter Guide. And research their campaign finance data on our Campaign Finance Summary page.

Last updated on: 5/10/2019 at 2:30 PM

Candidates: Anthony Alexis, Monique Chandler-Waterman, Victor Jordan, Farah Louis, Jovia Radix, Xamayla Rose, Adina Sash, Rickie Tulloch

May 13, 2019 — What to watch for in the race to replace Jumaane Williams (City & State NY)
May 13, 2019
 — District 45 Special Election Voter Guide: What You Need To Know (Patch)
May 13, 2019 — Election for Williams’ successor set for Tuesday (Brooklyn Daily Eagle)
May 13, 2019
 — Tuesday's Special Election For Jumaane Williams's City Council Seat Pits Former Staffers Against Each Other (Gothamist)
May 13, 2019
 — 30+ Endorsements Strong, Farah Louis Hopes To Win Big In Special Election (Jewish Press)
May 11, 2019
 — Contentious Race To Replace Jumaane Reaches The Final Stretch (Haitian Times)
May 10, 2019
 — Voter Guide: The May 14 Special Election for the 45th City Council District (NY1)
May 10, 2019 — A Race in Brooklyn: Why Victor Jordan is Running for City Council (NY1)
May 10, 2019
 — City Council Progressive Caucus Endorses in Brooklyn Special Election (Gotham Gazette)
May 10, 2019 — 45th CD race heats up in final days (Caribbean Life)
May 9, 2019 — A Race in Brooklyn: Why Anthony Alexis is Running for City Council (NY1)
May 9, 2019
 — These Caribbean Americans Want To Replace Jumaane Williams On The New York City Council (News Americas Now)
May 8, 2019
 — Brooklyn College Holds Debate for Local District Candidates (The Excelsior)
May 8, 2019 — A Race in Brooklyn: Why Rickie Tulloch is Running for City Council (NY1)
May 7, 2019 — 8 City Council candidates vie for Jumaane Williams' former seat in special election (AM New York)
May 7, 2019
 — A Race in Brooklyn: Why Adina Sash is Running for City Council (NY1)
May 7, 2019 — [Un]Correct New York Podcast: A Look At The Special Election For The 45th Council District (Kings County Politics)
May 6, 2019
 — 45th District seat candidate addresses tweets considered homophobic, anti-Semitic (Brooklyn News 12)
May 6, 2019 — 45th City Council Race: Louis Accepts Orthodox Jewish Male Support (Kings County Politics)
May 3, 2019
 — A Race in Brooklyn: Why Xamayla Rose is Running for City Council (NY1)
May 3, 2019 — Candidate for Jumaane Williams council seat dissed gays and Jews in tweets (New York Daily News)
May 2, 2019 — A Race in Brooklyn: Why Jovia Radix is Running for City Council (NY1)
May 1, 2019 — A Race in Brooklyn: Why Farah Louis is Running for City Council (NY1)
May 1, 2019
 — 45th Endorsements: Louis Snares BK Young Dems Support; Rose Gets Backing Of Beckford (Kings County Politics)
May 1, 2019 — Farah Louis Says She Did All The Work! (Bklyner)
April 30, 2019 — A Race in Brooklyn: Why Monique Chandler-Waterman is Running for City Council (NY1)
April 26, 2019
 — 45th District Special Election: Campaign Finance Doles Out Over $285K To Four Candidates (Kings County Politics)
April 26, 2019 — CD45 Candidates Watch: More Hopefuls Receive Matching Funds (Bklyner)
April 26, 2019 — CFB Issues Public Funds In The City Council District 45 Special Election (NYC Campaign Finance Board)
April 25, 2019 — Laborers endorse Xamayla Rose for City Council special election (Amsterdam News)
April 24, 2019 — Who’s Backing Who In The 45th Council Race? (Bklyner)
April 23, 2019 — Lots of Shade Thrown At District 45 Candidate Forum (Bklyner)
April 23, 2019 — Flatbush's Top City Council Candidates To Talk Gender Politics (Patch)
April 22, 2019 — Williams’ endorsement boosts Chandler-Waterman (Brooklyn Reporter)
April 22, 2019 — CFB Doling Out Of Taxpayer Dollars Challenged In 45th Special Election (Kings County Politics)
April 19, 2019 — Special Election Provides Testing Ground for Push to Elect More Women to City Council (Gotham Gazette)
April 19, 2019 — Three Candidates In the CD45 Race Receive Matching Funds (Bklyner)
April 18, 2019 — CFB Issues Public Funds in City Council Special Election (NYC Campaign Finance Board)
April 17, 2019 — The 45 Council Race Heats Up After Electeds Pick Sides (Bklyner)
April 17, 2019 — Jumaane Williams Speaks About His Chandler-Waterman Endorsement (Bklyner)
April 17, 2019 — Jumaane Williams Backs Monique Chandler-Waterman For City Council (Patch)
April 17, 2019 — 45th District City Council Race: Rose, Tulloch Release Policy Agendas (Kings County Politics)
April 17, 2019 — Announcement: Candidate Forum For The 45th Council District (Bklyner)
April 16, 2019 — Jumaane Williams backs Chandler-Waterman to replace him (City & State NY)
April 12, 2019
 — Brooklyn Voters Have One More Week to Register to Vote in the Special Election for City Council District 45 (NYC Campaign Finance Board)
April 11, 2019 — Candidates File Disclosure Statements with the NYC Campaign Finance Board for the CD45 Special Election (NYC Campaign Finance Board)
April 10, 2019 — 45th CD Race: Rose Goes Positive, Louis Quiet, Waterman Attacked (Kings County Politics)
April 4, 2019 — Crowded Field Forms for Special City Council Election to Replace Jumaane Williams (Gotham Gazette)
April 3, 2019 — First Look At Possible Ballot To Replace Williams In Special City Council Election (Kings County Politics)
April 1, 2019 — Crowded Field For 45th Council Race Narrows To 10, Cespedes Out (Kings County Politics)
March 28, 2019 — Waterman runs to be ‘vital voice’ in 45th CD (Carribean Life)
March 28, 2019 — Meet The Candidates Running For The 45th Council District (Bklyner)
March 25, 2019 — Candidates File Disclosure Statements with the NYC Campaign Finance Board for 2019 (NYC Campaign Finance Board)
March 25, 2019 — City Council special election set to fill Jumaane Williams' seat (amNewYork)
March 22, 2019 — The 2019 City Council District 45 Special Election: Campaign Finance Deadlines, Limits, and Thresholds (NYC Campaign Finance Board)
March 20, 2019 — Mayor Schedules Special Election To Replace Jumaane Williams (Patch)
March 12, 2019 — Farah Louis: The “Real” Flatbush Girl Looks To Succeed Williams In City Council (Kings County Politics)
March 11, 2019 — L. Rickie Tulloch Enters The Crowded Race For the 45th Council Seat (Bklyner)
March 9, 2019 — At Least 8 Candidates To Run For Flatbush/Marine Park City Council District (Shorefront News)
March 4, 2019 — And the Race to Fill Jumaane Williams’ City Council Seat Is on! (BK Reader)
March 4, 2019 — Flatbush Girl Throws Wig In The Ring For 45th Council Seat (Kings County Politics)
February 28, 2019 — These Candidates Hope To Claim Jumaane Williams City Council Seat (Patch)
February 28, 2019 — Exclusive: ‘Flatbush Girl’ to Run for City Council in a Marine Park, Flatbush District (Shorefront News)
February 27, 2019 — The City Council Race to Replace Jumaane, Meet The Candidates (Kings County Politics)
January 3, 2019 — Crowded field already forming for Williams’ council seat (City & State NY)

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