The Searchable Database pages you are currently using will be discontinued in 2018. Please visit and bookmark the CFB❜s Follow the Money | NYC portal, which includes new ways to view and share our campaign finance data.

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  Choose an election cycle, then select a recipient and/or enter a contributor name.  

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  • To list all contributions for a particular candidate or independent spender, select a candidate/independent spender name only.
  • To search for a particular contributor across all recipients, select "All Candidates/independent spenders" and enter the contributor's name.
  • To search for contributions by an organization, enter its name in the space provided for Contributor last name.

 Note: The data in the CFB searchable database are presented as reported by campaigns and independent spenders. Due to the filing of amended disclosure statements, data may not appear as originally reported, and data may be subject to change. Last updated: 06/18/2018 3:22PM