2017 Citywide Elections

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Note: All candidates who have filed a Candidate Certification and/or a Filer Registration with the Board, or who have been determined to be on the ballot by the Board of Elections for the 2017 Citywide Elections, are listed below. Candidates who have chosen to join the Campaign Finance Program by timely filing a Candidate Certification are considered “participants.” All other candidates are listed as “non-participants.” There may be additional non-participants who have failed to submit a Filer Registration as required (this form must be filed no later than the day the candidate is required to file his or her first disclosure statement for the 2017 Citywide Elections); to the extent such candidates can be identified by the Board, they will be included on the list of candidates who have failed to file required disclosure statements.

CandidateClassificationOffice Sought
Abuhaikal, MuhammadUndeterminedCity Council District 13
Adams, Eric LUndeterminedBrooklyn Boro President
Albanese, Sal FUndeterminedMayor
Aquino, Darren DUndeterminedMayor
Armstead, Eric WParticipantMayor
Avella, TonyUndeterminedMayor
Ayala, DianaUndeterminedCity Council District 08
Basch, Michael OUndeterminedMayor
Beltzer, MichaelUndeterminedUndeclared
Borelli, Joseph CUndeterminedCity Council District 51
Brannan, JustinUndeterminedCity Council District 43
Brewer, Gale AUndeterminedManhattan Boro President
Butler, HenryParticipantCity Council District 41
Cabrera, Fernando LUndeterminedCity Council District 14
Capano, Robert PUndeterminedCity Council District 43
Castro, MariaUndeterminedCity Council District 04
Chin, Margaret SUndeterminedCity Council District 01
Coenen, Jr., Kevin PUndeterminedMayor
Cohen, Andrew JUndeterminedCity Council District 11
Concannon, Joseph RUndeterminedCity Council District 23
Constantinides, CostaUndeterminedCity Council District 22
Crowley, Elizabeth SUndeterminedUndeclared
Cumbo, Laurie AUndeterminedCity Council District 35
Cunningham, Brian-Christoph AUndeterminedCity Council District 40
David, RichardUndeterminedUndeclared
de Blasio, BillUndeterminedMayor
Diaz Jr., RubenUndeterminedUndeclared
Dietl, Richard AUndeterminedMayor
Doyle, John CUndeterminedCity Council District 13
Dromm, DanielUndeterminedUndeclared
Espinal, Jr., Rafael LUndeterminedUndeclared
Eugene, MathieuUndeterminedCity Council District 40
Faradi, Issar JUndeterminedCity Council District 20
Farias, AmandaUndeterminedCity Council District 18
Faulkner, MichelParticipantMayor
Ferreras-Copeland, JulissaUndeterminedCity Council District 21
Foldenauer, Aaron SUndeterminedCity Council District 01
Foreman-Hines, HelenParticipantCity Council District 17
Garcia, ElvinUndeterminedCity Council District 18
Garodnick, Daniel RUndeterminedUndeclared
Gathers, Dwayne*UndeterminedCity Council District 18
Gentile, Vincent J*UndeterminedUndeclared
Gibbs, Edward LUndeterminedCity Council District 08
Gibson, Vanessa LUndeterminedCity Council District 16
Gjonaj, MarkUndeterminedCity Council District 13
Gomez, Alex AUndeterminedCity Council District 13
Gray, Shannette MUndeterminedCity Council District 09
Grayson, DianeUndeterminedCity Council District 04
Graziano, Paul DUndeterminedCity Council District 19
Greenfield, David GUndeterminedUndeclared
Gutierrez, Victor HugoUndeterminedUndeclared
Haber, Gregory*UndeterminedCity Council District 29
Herbert, Anthony LUndeterminedPublic Advocate
Ignizio, Vincent M*UndeterminedCity Council District 51
James, LetitiaUndeterminedPublic Advocate
Jennings, Allan WUndeterminedCity Council District 28
Johnson, CoreyUndeterminedCity Council District 03
Joyner, John JUndeterminedCity Council District 36
Kallos, Benjamin JUndeterminedCity Council District 05
Katz, Melinda RUndeterminedQueens Boro President
Kim, RonUndeterminedUndeclared
King, AndrewUndeterminedCity Council District 12
King, Moreen AUndeterminedCity Council District 41
Koo, Peter AUndeterminedCity Council District 20
Koslowitz, KarenUndeterminedCity Council District 29
Kronfeld, Melissa JaneUndeterminedCity Council District 04
Lancman, Rory IUndeterminedUndeclared
Lander, Brad SUndeterminedCity Council District 39
Levin, Stephen TParticipantCity Council District 33
Levine, Mark DUndeterminedCity Council District 07
Lopez-Pierre, Thomas AUndeterminedCity Council District 07
Mailman, Jeffrey SUndeterminedCity Council District 04
Maisel, AlanUndeterminedCity Council District 46
Mapp, Tamika LUndeterminedCity Council District 08
Marano, John CUndeterminedCity Council District 13
Mark-Viverito, MelissaUndeterminedUndeclared
Marte, ChristopherUndeterminedCity Council District 01
Massey, Jr., Paul JUndeterminedMayor
Matteo, StevenUndeterminedCity Council District 50
McCabe, Liam AUndeterminedCity Council District 43
McMillan, JimmyUndeterminedMayor
Menchaca, CarlosUndeterminedCity Council District 38
Moseley, Montell CUndeterminedCity Council District 24
Moya, Francisco PUndeterminedUndeclared
Oddo, James SUndeterminedStaten Island Boro President
Olivera, Deidre LUndeterminedCity Council District 41
Payne-Hanks, Kamillah MUndeterminedCity Council District 49
Powell, Hettie VUndeterminedCity Council District 28
Powers, KeithUndeterminedCity Council District 04
Price, Camella PUndeterminedBronx Boro President
Provost, CoryUndeterminedCity Council District 41
Quart, DanUndeterminedUndeclared
Raymond, PiaUndeterminedCity Council District 40
Reynoso, AntonioUndeterminedCity Council District 34
Richards, DonovanUndeterminedUndeclared
Rivera, CarlinaUndeterminedCity Council District 02
Rivera, William*UndeterminedUndeclared
Rodriguez, Robert JUndeterminedUndeclared
Rodriguez, Ydanis AUndeterminedUndeclared
Rose, DeborahUndeterminedCity Council District 49
Rosenthal, HelenUndeterminedCity Council District 06
Salamanca, Jr., RafaelUndeterminedCity Council District 17
Sanchez, Anthony*UndeterminedCity Council District 17
Sanchez, JasminUndeterminedCity Council District 02
Santos, Boris*UndeterminedCity Council District 41
Santos, EdwardUndeterminedCity Council District 08
Saperstein, StevenUndeterminedCity Council District 48
Scala, Michael GUndeterminedCity Council District 32
Schachter, Bessie RUndeterminedCity Council District 04
Silver, MaryUndeterminedCity Council District 02
Speranza, MarthaUndeterminedCity Council District 04
Stringer, ScottUndeterminedUndeclared
Thompson, JoshUndeterminedMayor
Torres, RitchieUndeterminedCity Council District 15
Treyger, MarkUndeterminedCity Council District 47
Ulrich, Eric AUndeterminedUndeclared
Vallone, Paul AUndeterminedCity Council District 19
Van Bramer, James GUndeterminedUndeclared
Velazquez, MarjorieUndeterminedCity Council District 13
Weprin, Mark*UndeterminedCity Council District 23
Williams, Jumaane DUndeterminedCity Council District 45
Total Candidates:121 
Terminated Candidates*:8 

* indicates that the candidate notified the Board that he/she has terminated all campaign activity.