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1999 Voter Guides

General Election Date:


The polls will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. You must be at your polling site no later than 9:00 p.m. to vote. Please check information about your eligibility to vote in this election.

Democracy Doesn’t Work Without You.


Table of Contents


Your Rights as a Voter

Questions and Answers About Voting

How to Use the Voting Machine

New York City’s Campaign Finance Program

Charter Revision ’99

The 1999 City Council General Elections

Archive of Past Guides

Possible Ballot Issues ’98


This fall, voters citywide will have the opportunity to decide on a ballot proposal to change our New York City Charter and on one New York State ballot proposal. Additionally, voters in the 3rd, 4th, 48th, and 50th Council districts will be electing a City Council member. This Voter Guide will help you cast an informed vote on November 2, General Election day.

This Voter Guide contains voting information, Council district maps, statements and photos submitted by Council candidates, and information on the ballot proposal mentioned above. It does not include information on candidates for other offices.

The Voter Guide is published by the nonpartisan New York City Campaign Finance Board (“CFB”), an independent City agency. Under the City Charter, the Guide is printed in English and Spanish, and under Federal voting laws, distributed in Chinese in some districts. Click here to request a bilingual (English/Spanish) or Chinese Voter Guide.

The CFB also administers the New York City Campaign Finance Program. The Program reduces the influence of private money on City campaigns, offers qualified candidates a fair chance to run for office by providing public matching funds for small contributions, and makes available detailed information on candidates’ campaign finances. Please see “NYC’s Campaign Finance Program” for more information.

Informed voters strengthen democracy. We hope that the 1999 Voter Guide will help you make your choices on election day.


Joseph A. O’Hare, S.J.
New York City Campaign Finance Board

The Voter Guide was prepared by staff of the New York City Campaign Finance Board: Elizabeth A. Upp and Winnie Ng. The Web Voter Guide was prepared by staff of the New York City Campaign Finance Board: Suzanne Kizis, Marc Bratman, Ian Michaels, Ken O’Brien and Elizabeth A. Upp.

The New York City 1999 Voter Guide. Copyright © 1999 by the New York City Campaign Finance Board. All rights reserved. Design by D-Zine, Inc.

How to turn $10 into $50

When candidates for City office participate in the voluntary New York City Campaign Finance Program, the City matches contributions to their campaigns at a rate of 4-for-1, up to the first $250 given by any City resident.*

So, when you give $10 to a candidate who has joined the Campaign Finance Program, your $10 is actually worth $50, including your $10 contribution plus $40 in public matching funds. A $50 contribution is worth $250 to a candidate in the Program; a $100 contribution is worth $500; and a $250 contribution is worth $1,250.

The matching formula makes small campaign contributions more important, so even a modest contribution makes a difference. It also lets candidates run competitive campaigns without spending all their time raising money.

In return for the opportunity to receive matching funds, candidates in the Program accept contribution and spending limits, and cannot take corporate contributions. They also disclose their campaign finances to the Campaign Finance Board, which computerizes that information and makes it available to the public in many ways, including on the Internet.

So get involved in the political process. Your contribution has never been worth more.

* Candidates must meet a minimum financial threshold to qualify for matching funds. For more information, call the Campaign Finance Board at (212) 306-7100.