2012 Congressional Primary


2012 Congressional Primary


Below are the candidates on the ballot for the congressional primary on June 26, 2012.
You must have registered by June 1, 2012 and you must be a member of a party
holding a primary in order to vote in the June 26th primary election. Polls will be open
from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.


New York State has gone through a redistricting process that has changed the number of congressional districts in the state and their boundaries. You are voting in the new districts in this year's elections, although the current districts remain in effect until the representatives you elect this fall take office in January 2013. You can view the old and new district maps at urbanresearchmaps.org. Use the pull down menu at the top right to select "congressional districts" and enter your address to find out which congressional district you are voting in this year.


We have provided links to the candidates' websites, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and YouTube channels (as available) so you can learn more about these candidates.



United States Senate - Republican Party Primary

Wendy Long

Website: wendylongfornewyork.com
Facebook Twitter

Bob Turner

Website: turnerforny.com
Facebook Twitter

George Maragos

Website: maragos4ny.com
Facebook Twitter YouTube


House of Representatives - Democratic Party Primaries

5th Congressional District (Queens)

Joseph R. Marthone

Website: josephmarthone.com
Facebook Twitter

Mike Scala

Website: scalaforcongress.com
Facebook Twitter

Gregory W. Meeks

Website: congressmangregorymeeks.com
Facebook Twitter YouTube

Allan W. Jennings, Jr.

No campaign resources available.



6th Congressional District (Queens)

Rory I. Lancman

Website: rorylancman.com
Facebook Twitter

Robert Mittman

Website: drmittman4congress.com


Grace Meng

Website: gracemeng.org
Facebook Twitter

Elizabeth S. Crowley

Website: elizabethcrowley.com
Facebook Twitter



7th Congressional District (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens)

Daniel J. O'Connor

Website: danoconnor2012.com
Facebook Twitter YouTube

George Martinez

Website: bumrushthevote.net

Facebook Twitter

Nydia M. Velazquez

Website: nydiamvelazquez.com
Facebook Twitter YouTube

Erik Martin Dilan

Website: dilanforcongress.com
Facebook Twitter



8th Congressional District (Brooklyn, Queens)

Hakeem S. Jeffries

Website: hakeemjeffries.com
Facebook Twitter YouTube

Charles Barron

Website: charlesbarronforcongress.com
Facebook Twitter



9th Congressional District (Brooklyn)

Yvette D. Clarke

Website: voteyvette.com
Facebook Twitter

Sylvia G. Kinard

Website: electsylviakinard2012.com



13th Congressional District (Manhattan, Bronx)

Joyce S. Johnson

Website: electjoycejohnson.com
Facebook Twitter YouTube

Craig Schley

Website: craigschley.com
Facebook Twitter YouTube

Charles B. Rangel

Website: charlierangel.org
Facebook Twitter YouTube

Clyde Edward Williams, Jr.

Website: clyde2012.com
Facebook Twitter YouTube

Adriano Espaillat

Website: espaillatforcongress.com
Facebook Twitter YouTube



16th Congressional District (Bronx)

Aniello A.M. Grimaldi

Website: aniellogrimaldi.com

Eliot L. Engel

No campaign resources available.



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