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Miguel Martinez

Ruben Dario Vargas


Ruben Dario Vargas


Party enrolled in: Democratic

Occupation: Evidence Specialist for the New York City Police Department; member the United States Air Force Reserve; community Activist

Occupational background: Twenty years serving in the Armed Force of the United States; 18 Years working for the City of New York

Educational background: June 1st, 1994, Graduated from the City college of the City University of New York, B.A. Major in Political Science; June of 1999 Graduated from Cornell University, Program in Management and Labor Relations; Languages: English, Spanish, and French; also, knowledge of German and Italian

Organizational affiliations: 1982-1986 Commission for the Assistance to the Chess Developing Country, elected by the General Assembly of the International Chess Federation held October 15th, 1982 in the City of Lucerne, Switzerland

Prior public experience: United States House of Representative’s Candidate, from New York 15th Congressional District, years 2000 and 2004; Manhattan Borough President’s Candidate, 1997

Email: council20015@hotmail.com



1. What is the most important issue in Council District 10 you would address if elected?

Education will be of great concern to my office as a member of City Council from 10th District. This with a clear understanding that our children’s education should be a team effort between Home, School, Community.


2. What other important issues would you address if elected?

I stand for Jobs creation and Jobs preservations. Employees Rights. Rent Control Rent Stabilization and affordable Housing. I am for Tenants’ rights. Human Rights. I respect Renter and Management Rights. I promote and practice mutual respect among all human kind.


3. What makes you the best candidate for this office?

I am a people’s person. I respect people for the mere condition of being human. I respect people’s traditions, whether or not I understand their customs. I promote mutual respect, and I treat every one with dignity and respect. I strictly follow the Golden rule: “Do onto others as you would like others do to you”.

As a member of City Council from 10th District I will make special emphasis in crime prevention and street Safety. More funding will be provide for affordable health care, and Prenatal care. After schools’ programs and Day care Centers will have special attention.

Proper services for Senior Citizens and the Elderly people will be on the top of the Agenda.

Becoming a Council member would enlarge my abilities to make my contributions to improve ours neighborhoods. Tirelessly, I will work with the people of Good will for the constructions of better society, a society of fairness and justice for all without exceptions.


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