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2009 NYC Voter Guide: Candidate Profile: Gene Berardelli

46th City Council District



Lew Fidler Gene Berardelli Derek I. Sacerdote  

Lew Fidler
[ D ]

Gene Berardelli
[ R, C ]

Derek I. Sacerdote
[ LBT ]


Gene Berardelli


Party enrolled in: Republican

Occupation: Attorney, Novo Law Firm; Part-Owner and General Counsel, Gotham Sports Media

Occupational background: A young civil attorney. Before joining Novo Law Firm, Gene was a real estate attorney in private practice in Sheepshead Bay

Educational background: A product of Sheepshead Bay HS, Gene graduated from Manhattan College summa cum laude with a B.A. in Government & International Studies, and a minor in Economics - in three years! He then received his Juris Doctorate from Quinnipiac Univ. School of Law at the age of 23

Organizational affiliations: Gene is Counsel for the Sheepshead Bay / Plumb Beach Civic Association, member of CB15 CERT, member of the 61st Pct. Community Council, member of the New York County Lawyers Association, founder of the "Brigham Street Park Project", an effort seeking to build a waterfront park in Sheepshead Bay

Prior public experience: Gene worked as a Capitol intern for Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) and legal assistant to the Judiciary Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly



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1. What is the most important issue in Council District 46 you would address if elected?

We need to fix the local economy and to stop squeezing all of us with increased taxes. Government needs to be leaner than it is now - providing essential services with limited taxation. We must explore and adopt innovation and face the fact that simply because the business of the city has been traditionally handled a certain way does not make it the right way.


2. What other important issues would you address if elected?

The City Council needs to redeem itself in the voters' eyes after Councilman Fidler and 28 others gave in to the Mayor and repealed term limits. I'll support putting term limits back to YOU - the voters - and making all voter referendums amendable ONLY by another voter referendum.


3. What makes you the best candidate for this office?

I come from the grassroots of the community and have successfully worked to get tangible results in Sheepshead Bay and other neighborhoods. We got our hands dirty and did the work our councilman should've done - but took credit for anyway. I won't forget where I come from and I will keep working FOR you, not against you.

We're always told to pick the fights we can win. I will fight the fights you think are worth fighting.


(Reprinted as supplied by the candidate.)

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C = Conservative
D = Democratic
FJ = Freedom Justice
G = Green
I = Independence
JE = Jobs and Education
L = Liberal
LBT = Libertarian Party
NV = New Voice
P = Populist Party
PSL = Party for Socialism and Liberation
RTH* = Rent is Too High Party
R = Republican
SW = Socialist Workers Party
WF = Working Families

*Rent is Too Damn High was changed by the BOE to Rent is Too High after the printed Voter Guide had gone to press.