Queens Borough President




Philip Theodore Sica
[ R, C ]

Helen M. Marshall
[ D, WF ]



Philip Theodore Sica


Party enrolled in: Republican

Occupation: Realtor

Occupational background: Marshal of the City of New York; New York City Finance Department (Chief, General Investigation Unit); Queens County District Attorney (Detective-Investigator); Church Administrator and Pastor for the Greater New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventists; Christian Record Braille Foundation (Chaplain); United States Army (Military Policeman)

Educational background: B.A. Pace University (Government and Business); B.A. Atlantic Union College (Religion); New York Law School (Graduate level: Law); Andrews University (Religion); Cardinal Hayes High School; St. Stephen’s Elementary School

Organizational affiliations: Commander, American Legion Post 301; President, Queens Village Republican Club; Board Member, Rocky Hill Civic Association; Northeast Republican Club (Bayside)

Prior public experience: See Occupational Background

Email: philipsica@juno.com



1. What is the most important issue in Queens you would address if elected?

As Queens Borough President I will pursue the needs for enough funding for police and fire protection, for libraries, schools and parks, and will make sure that Queens receives its fair share of City services. I will focus on all the quality of life issues that make a difference in our daily lives, such as reducing noise and environmental hazards in our communities. Above all, we need to ensure that safety prevails.


2. What other important issues would you address if elected?

We need to strive for more local jobs for our Queens residents. I will work for a borough-wide development plan that will encourage growth while maintaining neighborhood residential character. I have served the public most of my life and have the experience and vision to implement these programs. As your new Queens Borough President, I will add a New Start approach to this office and will re-evaluate existing programs and will seek to build up weak areas. I will consult with many Queens leaders of all parties and will find those with expertise who will help develop and implement programs as needed. Life’s challenges exist daily and we must be attuned to changing needs.


3. What makes you the best candidate for this office?

As Queens Borough President I will strive to end the one-party rule in this office. Forty-eight years is enough; it is time for a change. One-party rule breeds corruption and scandal. Long-time Queens residents remember the sewer scandal and the pothole scandal. I will use my knowledge, experience, and integrity to be an effective Borough President and I hope to have your vote. This is the borough of my home and yours. Let us preserve it well.


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C = Conservative
D = Democratic
EP = Education Party
G = Green
I = Independence
L = Liberal
LBT = Libertarian
R = Republican
REB = Rebuild Party
REF = Reform Party
RNY = Reform Pary of N.Y. Party
RTD = Rent is Too Damn High Party
SCS = Smaller Class Size Party
SW = Socialist Workers Party
VOP = Voice of the People
WF = Working Families
WVP = War Veterans Party


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