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Programs & Events

Advocacy Day

Advocacy Day is a flagship program that brings together a broad coalition of NYC Votes partners to lobby for election reforms in the state capitol. In May 2014, our inaugural delegation met with legislators in support of a number of reforms to improve voting for all New Yorkers. Learn more and join us in 2015!

National Voter Registration Day

NVRD is a nonpartisan, nationwide effort to engage and register new voters. NYC Votes and its partners lead the initiative in New York City, hosting dozens of voter registration drives and events across the five boroughs.

Student Voter Registration Day

SVRD is a joint initiative of NYC Votes, Councilmember Helen Rosenthal, and members of the New York City Council to register New York City high school students and educate them about the importance of voting and civic engagement. Learn more and get involved!

Youth Poet Laureate program

The Youth Poet Laureate (YPL) program is a voter-themed teen competition designed to energize a population of new voters through spoken word poetry. The program is coordinated by the CFB and its partner Urban Word, and open to NYC students ages 16-19. The program culiminates in a voter-themed poetry slam at which the next NYC Youth Poet Laureate is selected by a panel of expert judges.

Registration of new US citizens

The CFB facilitates voter registration of new US citizens by attending naturalization ceremonies throughout the year. CFB staff distribute voter registration forms, assist new citizens with completing their registration, and hand out pamphlets to help educate new citizens about the importance of voting.