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Voter Assistance Advisory Committee

The 2010 Charter Revision Commission proposed amending the New York City Charter to reconstitute the Voter Assistance Commission (VAC) within the CFB, commencing January 1, 2011.  As part of implementing the new provisions of the Charter, VAC staff moved to the CFB as the new Voter Assistance Unit, and a new Voter Assistance Advisory Committee (VAAC) was created, comprised of nine mem­bers whose role is to advise the CFB on voter engagement. According to the Charter, the membership of VAAC shall include:

  • two members appointed by the mayor (who cannot be enrolled in the same political party);
  • two members appointed by the speaker of the City Council (who cannot be enrolled in the same political party);
  • one member appointed by the comptroller;
  • one member appointed by the borough presidents acting together;
  • the public advocate;
  • the executive director of the board of elections (or, in his or her absence, the deputy execu­tive director); and
  • one member appointed by the mayor in consultation with the speaker to serve as chair.

In making appointments to the committee, the Charter advises that “the mayor, speaker, comptrol­ler and borough presidents shall consider experience with groups or categories of residents that are underrepresented among those who vote or among those who are registered to vote and community, voter registration, civil rights, and disabled groups.”

VAAC will hold public hearings to solicit and hear testimony from members of the public, good government groups, and public officials regarding how to improve voter assistance in New York City, and will make recommendations to the CFB to help the agency develop and implement a com­prehensive voter engagement plan.