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January 14, 2013 – Thirty-five candidates in the 2013 citywide elections have filed required campaign finance disclosure statements with the Campaign Finance Board (CFB). This is the sixth scheduled disclosure statement that candidates for the 2013 citywide elections need to file with the CFB.

Two candidates has filed in the special election for Council District 12 that was held on November 6, 2012. No candidates have filed in the special election for Council District 31 scheduled for February 19.

Updated, detailed information for these candidates can be found on the CFB website’s financial summary page and in the searchable online database.

2013 Candidates

Mayor City Council
Credico, Randy Alabi, Olanike T (#35)
Lee, He G Bhushan, Natraj S (#48)
Marks, Philip A Block, Bryan J (#27)
  Cohen, Andrew J (#11)
Borough President Dobrin, Todd A (#47)
Avella, Tony (Queens) Duane, John F (#19)
  Eugene, Mathieu (#40)
Undeclared Hoffnung, Ari M (#11)
Blishteyn, Alexander Humphreys, Tamika L (#08)
Caruana, Craig N Ignizio, Vincent M (#51)
Johnson, Corey Koo, Peter A (#20)
Krishnan, Hill Landis, Marc A (#06)
Lancman, Rory I Minerva, Domenico G (#05)
Lotovsky, Alexander L Molina, Angel D (#08)
Menin, Julie Otto, Mark T (#07)
Vacca, James Pahaham, Cheryl A (#07)
Vallone, Paul A Palma, Annabel (#18)
  Sheikh, Helal A (#37)
  Silverstein, Matthew R (#19)
  Stanton, Clifford I (#11)
  Tejada, Luis M (#07)
  Weprin, Mark S (#23)

November 6 Special Election, Council District 12 Candidates

Simmons-Oliver, Cheryl
Welch, Michael

All candidates in the 2013 elections are required by law to provide a detailed report of all financial activity for their campaigns covering the period July 12, 2012, through January 11, 2013 by midnight, January 15. Candidates running in the Council District 31 special election on February 19 must also abide by the January 15 disclosure deadline. Candidates running in the Council District 12 special election are required to file disclosure statements covering the period November 30, 2012 to January 11.

The CFB will post updates to its Twitter feed, @NYCCFB, as filings are received. You can easily search for updates with the hashtag #FilingDay.

Candidates may deliver statements to the CFB, submit filings electronically, or send the materials by mail, as long as mailed submissions are postmarked by midnight, January 15.

Board rules adopted last year requiring disclosure of independent expenditures are in effect. Tuesday, January 15 is also the deadline for disclosure of independent expenditures in this election. Independent expenditure disclosure follows the same schedule as candidate disclosures. Disclosure statements from independent spenders must be filed electronically.