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Post-Election Reports

After each municipal election, the Campaign Finance Board produces and delivers to the mayor and City Council speaker a comprehensive post-election report analyzing the effects of the Campaign Finance Program on the election and recommending changes to the Program, as required by the Campaign Finance Act. The CFB produces Appendices for each Report; some editions also include an Executive Summary.

To view these publications, click on the links listed below each election cycle. Each link downloads a separate Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view these post-election reports. For more information on using PDF files, see downloading instructions for the Acrobat Reader.

2013 Citywide Elections (published September 2014)


2009 Citywide Elections (published September 2010)


2005 Citywide Elections (published September 2006)


2003 City Council Elections (published September 2004)


2001 Citywide Elections (published September 2002)


1997 Citywide Elections (published September 1998)


1993 Citywide Elections (published September 1994)

    On the Road to Reform: Campaign Finance in the 1993 New York City Elections


1991 City Council Elections (published September 1992)

   Windows of Opportunity: Campaign Finance Reform and the New City Council


1989 Citywide Elections (published September 1990)

   Dollars and Disclosure: Campaign Finance Reform in New York City