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NYC Voter Guide

Election Day is November 8, 2016! Return to this page in the two weeks before Election Day for all the information you need to cast an informed ballot.

The official NYC Voter Guide is a nonpartisan print, video, and online platform that provides comprehensive information about NYC elections.

The printed Guide is a large, colorful, easy-to-read newsletter that covers local candidates and ballot proposals. It is mailed to every household with an eligible registered voter. It contains:

  • General voting information
  • Profiles submitted by the candidates
  • A list of candidates on the ballot for each race at press time
  • Information about city and state ballot proposals

The video edition features two-minute statements taped by the candidates. The statements are available online and broadcast on local stations. The online edition provides both candidate profiles and videos, comprehensive voting information, and links to other voter resources such as the JCEC’s judicial voter guide.

Registered candidates running for mayor, public advocate, comptroller, borough president, and City Council member have the opportunity to submit a profile and tape a statement for the Voter Guide free of charge. The public can weigh in on state and city ballot proposals by submitting pro or con statements for inclusion in the online Guide.

For state, federal, and special elections applicable to NYC voters, the CFB produces online-only Voter Guides. Voters can view information about the races and candidates on their ballot based on their address.