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Community Profiles

Empower your community by learning how voter participation in your neighborhood compares to other areas across New York City.

What makes your neighborhood unique when it comes to voting? NYC Votes created this detailed resource to help community-based organizations effectively engage more voters in neighborhoods across New York City.

Our Community Profiles offer a practical, visual deep dive into voter turnout and factors that impact civic participation across New York City, broken down by Community District. The profiles bring together data from New York City’s voter file with demographic data to help you better understand your community’s residents. Each Community Profile also includes county and citywide benchmarks, so you can see how your community compares to others in the city.

To start, we’re focusing on neighborhoods with large communities of naturalized citizens and low voter turnout, in conjunction with our 20k in 2020 initiative, which is focused on registering new citizens to vote. Interested in getting more involved? Sign up to partner with us.