NYC Campaign Finance Board Approves $18.7M in Public Funds Payments to 2021 Candidates


The NYC Campaign Finance Board (CFB) approved $18,660,290 in public matching funds payments to 124 candidates in the largest public funds payment thus far in the 2021 New York City election cycle.

Two candidates for mayor, three candidates for comptroller, 12 for borough president, and 107 candidates for City Council received public funds in today's payment.

CFB Spokesperson Matt Sollars provided the following statement on today's payment:

"The Board announced that 124 candidates qualified to receive a public funds payment today. To be eligible for payment, each candidate demonstrated support from within their community by meeting a two-part fundraising threshold based on small contributions from city residents.

CFB staff reviews documentation submitted by all campaigns to verify the contributions reported in the disclosure filings. For today’s payments, the reviews included filings due on January 15, 2021, as well as amendments to previous disclosures.

These audit reviews can result in a campaign falling below the threshold to qualify for public funds payments. However, all campaigns can provide additional documentation – to clarify a contributor’s address or employer information, for instance – to validate that a contribution is eligible to be matched with public funds. Additional documentation provided by campaigns may be considered for the public funds payment scheduled for March 15 or for subsequent payments throughout the election year."

The CFB has paid a total of $37,778,768 to candidates in the 2021 elections thus far in the election cycle, including previous payments in December and January.

To date, 147 candidates for city office have received public funds payments: two mayoral candidates, three comptroller candidates, twelve borough president candidates, and 130 City Council candidates. Of those, 111 candidates have received public funds payments for the first time ever, a clear sign that the program is drawing more New Yorkers into running for office.

To qualify for public funds, candidates must demonstrate support from within their communities by raising small contributions within the city. This encourages candidates to spend more time speaking to voters and less time fundraising. The exact thresholds that candidates must meet to qualify for public funds differs between offices.




Payment on February 16, 2021

Adams, Eric L



Stringer, Scott M



All Candidates (2)




Candidate Office Payment on
February 16, 2021
Benjamin, Brian Comptroller $329,188
Iscol, Zachary Comptroller $1,401,582
Lander, Brad Comptroller $518,012
All Candidates (3) Comptroller $2,248,782


Candidate Borough Payment on
February 16, 2021
Cornegy, Jr., Robert E Brooklyn $576,507
Edwards, Khari Brooklyn $491,182
Reynoso, Antonio Brooklyn $462,880
Simon, Jo Anne Brooklyn $481,224
Cabrera, Fernando Bronx $520,047
Gibson, Vanessa L Bronx $249,113
Boylan, Lindsey C Manhattan $259,783
Caputo, Elizabeth R Manhattan $303,358
Kallos, Benjamin J Manhattan $393,794
Levine, Mark D Manhattan $1,116,087
Van Bramer, James Queens $10,398
Matteo, Steven Staten Island $77,164
All Candidates (12) All Boroughs (5) $4,941,537

Candidate City Council District Payment on
February 16, 2021
Lee, Susan T District 1 $81,442
Boghosian Murphy, Leslie District 3 $78,105
Freeland, Billy District 5 $21,690
Lamorte, Rebecca District 5 $50,308
Menin, Julie District 5 $160,444*
Shimamura, Tricia District 5 $51,368
Sosa, Christopher A District 5 $64,060
Gold, David District 6 $55,586
Lind, Sara K District 6 $40,265
Omura, Jeffrey District 6 $160,444*
Lynch, Stacy R District 7 $104,295
Ordonez, Maria District 7 $57,897
Ortega, Corey District 7 $130,344
Tejada, Luis M District 7 $148,732
Ayala, Diana District 8 $35,690
Clennon, Joshua A District 9 $72,945
Council, William K District 9 $51,756
Fernandez, Angela District 10 $52,463
Perez, Josue G District 10 $24,268
Velazquez, Marjorie District 13 $159,494
Abreu, Adolfo District 14 $160,444*
Aquino, Fernando A District 14 $124,436
Solano, Socrates S District 14 $45,615
Tapia, Yudelka District 14 $84,710
Diallo, Abdourahamane District 16 $160,444*
Diallo, Ahmadou District 16 $123,552
Stevens, Althea District 16 $48,252
Mujumder, Mohammed N District 18 $160,254
Avella, Tony District 19 $73,743
Lee, Richard District 19 $4,796
Paladino, Vickie District 19 $98,428
Chen, Hailing District 20 $88,342
Choe, John District 20 $160,444*
Ung, Sandra District 20 $17,830
Yin, Dao District 20 $76,441
Bullaro, Leonardo District 22 $44,361
Caban, Tiffany District 22 $160,206
Velkov, Nicholas B District 22 $39,376
Jindal, Sanjeev District 23 $44,308
Lee, Linda District 23 $160,444*
Markell, Debra District 23 $122,641
Toor, Harpreet S District 23 $110,428
Baryab, Fatima District 25 $158,931
Krishnan, Shekar District 25 $66,698
Quiroz, Alfonso District 25 $69,107
Tran, Carolyn T District 25 $82,038
Bagga, Amit S District 26 $160,444*
Bailey, Jonathan District 26 $50,996
Forman, Julia L District 26 $79,937
Gomez, Glennis E District 26 $41,200
Laymon, Jesse D District 26 $74,928
O'Leary, Brent M District 26 $33,098
Sharpe, Emily District 26 $42,393
Young, Ebony R District 26 $67,697
Adam-Ovide, Marie M District 27 $103,740
Clark, Jason District 27 $160,444*
Hill, Rene District 27 $74,427
Johnson, James J District 27 $160,444*
Williams, Nantasha M District 27 $160,182
Aronov, David District 29 $160,444*
Gagarin, Aleda F District 29 $156,606
Ardila, Juan D District 30 $86,214
Holden, Robert F District 30 $160,444*
Alamarie, Kaled District 32 $160,444*
Scala, Michael G District 32 $71,638
Singh, Felicia District 32 $66,090
Wilson, Kenichi District 32 $77,725
Cambranes, Victoria District 33 $29,237
Potosky, Toba District 33 $160,444*
Sherman, Stuart C District 33 $40,242
Solotaire, Benjamin District 33 $25,855
Somboun, April District 33 $61,043
Harris, Curtis M District 35 $59,424
Hollingsworth, Michael D District 35 $160,442
Butler, Henry L District 36 $160,444*
Moore, Tahirah A District 36 $149,264
Abdin, Misba District 37 $160,444*
Diaz, Darma V District 37 $141,102
Nurse, Sandy District 37 $159,627
Aviles, Alexa District 38 $53,694
Lin, Yu District 38 $73,720
Painter, Jacqueline District 38 $38,213
Krebs, Justin M District 39 $5,974
Schneider, Douglas District 39 $160,444*
West, Brandon District 39 $42,940
Joseph, Rita C District 40 $14,486
Morris, Blake District 40 $23,408
Pierre, Josue District 40 $45,108
Lucas, Nikki District 42 $34,162
Louis, Farah N District 45 $158,686
Brazela, Gardy District 46 $2,326
Cranston, Donald J District 46 $155,306
Narcisse, Mercedes District 46 $24,841
Willabus, R. Dimple District 46 $54,291
Brook Krasny, Alec District 47 $145,996
Patzer, Steven D District 47 $53,132
Markh, Mariya District 48 $66,591
Noble, Boris District 48 $58,047
Grey, Selina District 49 $65,959
Hanks, Kamillah M District 49 $63,888
Ogunleye, Ranti District 49 $84,577
Schnall, Michael P District 49 $63,551
Albanese, Sal F District 50 $125,514
Carr, David M District 50 $131,214
Pirozzolo, Sam T District 50 $83,980
Wonica, George S District 50 $46,246
Drabczyk, Olivia J District 51 $83,600
All Candidates (107) All Districts (37) $9,504,814
*Represents a maximum public funds payment

Candidates in the 2021 New York City elections filed their most recent disclosure reports with the CFB on January 15, 2021. The payments listed above are based on campaign financial data provided by this deadline.

The next opportunity for candidates to receive public funds is March 15, 2021. The next disclosure reports are also due on March 15. There will be a public funds payment in April based on the disclosures filed on March 15. There are eight public funds payments scheduled ahead of the primary elections on June 22.


The CFB provides matching funds out of the city's General Fund to qualifying candidates at a rate of $8 for every $1 received from New York City residents, up to the first $175 for donations to City Council and Borough President candidates, and up to $250 for donations to citywide candidates, for a maximum payment-per-resident of $1,400 or $2,000, respectively.

To qualify for matching funds, candidates must demonstrate support from within their communities by meeting a two-part fundraising threshold and abide by the other requirements set in the Campaign Finance Act. For instance, to qualify for public funding in City Council races, candidates must raise at least $5,000 from city residents. Only the first $175 contributed per city resident counts towards meeting the threshold. Additionally, City Council candidates must receive at least 75 contributions from residents of the district where they are running. Candidates also must comply with all program rules, including individual contribution limits and a prohibition on collecting contributions from corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships.

The matching rate increased to $8-to-$1 in November 2018 when it was adopted by voters along with other improvements to the matching funds program. For 2021, candidates may choose to participate in the previous program, which provides public funds at a $6-to-$1 matching rate. However, 98 percent of 2021 candidates participating in the program are choosing to abide by the new rules.


The CFB's Candidate Services staff offers candidates extensive support by providing access to trainings, resources, and one-on-one guidance to help campaigns navigate their disclosure requirements and compliance obligations. For the 2021 elections, the agency published a detailed guidance document with the payment schedule, requirements, and applicable deadlines for candidates to follow.


More information about the candidates' campaign finance data is available on the CFB website in the Campaign Finance Summary portal. Individual contributions, campaign spending, intermediaries, and independent PAC expenditures are available in the CFB's Follow the Money database.