Board Approves $14M in Public Funds


Payments approved to 270 candidates; In total for 2021, more than $109M with $39M to candidates for mayor

The NYC Campaign Finance Board (CFB) approved $14,034,807 in public matching funds payments to 270 candidates in the final pre-election payment of the 2021 primary elections during a public meeting this morning. With today's payments, the Board has approved more than $39.2 million to eight candidates running for mayor.

This includes four mayoral and two comptroller candidates who received the maximum payment allowed under the law for the primary election. Previously, only one citywide candidate had received the maximum payment (Christine Quinn in the 2013 Democratic primary for mayor).

The CFB has now issued $109,764,381 million to candidates participating in the 2021 elections — the most in the history of New York City's campaign finance program — and more than the total that candidates have reported raising in private contributions (over $64.1 million as of June 16). Maximum public funds payments have been issued to 130 candidates. Public funds also outweigh spending by independent expenditure committees, or Super PACs, which reported spending more than $29.1 million as of June 17, mostly on the race for mayor.

"Public financing serves as a balance to the millions that wealthy special interests have poured into the races," said Frederick Schaffer, Chair of the CFB. "Public financing says that the voters, not big money, get to choose who gets to lead our city."

The payments approved by the Board today are detailed in the table below and will be added to the CFB's campaign finance summary by the end of the day. The CFB's interactive contribution map helps voters see where candidates are raising money within the city, showing more than 93 percent of individual contributions raised by candidates are less than $250, and that more than 72 percent come from NYC residents.

"Clearly, the changes to the matching funds program approved by the voters in 2018 and by the Council in 2019 have achieved their goals of increasing the amount of small dollar fundraising and public financing available on the citywide level," said Amy Loprest, Executive Director of the CFB. "I commend the candidates and their staff for all the hardwork they have done reaching out to and engaging with New York City residents throughout this campaign. We wish them well in the final stretch of the primary election."

To qualify for public funds, candidates must meet fundraising thresholds demonstrating support from within their communities. The eligibility thresholds encourage candidates to raise small contributions from voters living within the city.

Today's public funds payments are based on campaign filings received from candidates as of June 11 and amendments filed by campaigns in response to the CFB's ongoing audit process.
Office Candidate Payment Approved on June 17, 2021
Mayor Eric Adams $318,973
Shaun Donovan $184,140
Kathryn Garcia $2,147,447
Fernando Mateo $2,033,918
Dianne Morales $293,209
Scott Stringer $326,172
Maya Wiley $1,106,529
Andrew Yang $453,768
Comptroller Brian Benjamin $224,166
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera $238,010
Zachary Iscol $151,332
Corey Johnson $202,444
Brad Lander $241,218
Kevin Parker $172,769
Reshma Patel $274,272
David Weprin $340,162
Borough President - Brooklyn Robert Cornegy, Jr. $185,861
Kimberly Council $61,546
Khari Edwards $63,053
Antonio Reynoso $197,444
Jo Anne Simon $151,077
Borough President - Manhattan Lindsey Boylan $63,927
Elizabeth Caputo $52,982
Brad Hoylman $77,193
Benjamin Kallos $134,300
Mark Levine $127,466
Borough President - Queens Elizabeth Crowley $286,981
Donovan Richards $76,145
Jimmy Van Bramer $46,624
Borough President - Staten Island Lorraine Honor $43,688
Steven Matteo $61,892
Radhakrishna Mohan $22,144
Mark Murphy $49,593
Leticia Remauro $85,811
Brandon Stradford $24,359
Cesar Vargas $22,956
Borough President - Bronx Fernando Cabrera $109,614
Nathalia Fernandez $55,206
Vanessa Gibson $64,445
Samuel Ravelo $14,732
Luis Sepulveda $28,322
City Council District 1 Susan Lee $8,444
Gigi Li $8,445
Jenny Low $8,442
Maud Maron $8,444
Christopher Marte $7,159
Tiffany Winbush $5,576
City Council District 2 Erin Hussein $15,120
City Council District 3 Leslie Boghosian Murphy $10,891
Erik Bottcher $8,444
Phelan-Dante Fitzpatrick $9,839
Marni Halasa $7,199
Aleta LaFargue $24,098
Arthur Schwartz $34,258
City Council District 5 Billy Freeland $8,445
Rebecca Lamorte $17,673
Julie Menin $8,444
Kim Moscaritolo $8,444
Tricia Shimamura $8,445
Christopher Sosa $10,238
City Council District 6 Gale Brewer $8,419
Maria Danzilo $8,444
David Gold $5,182
Sara Lind $8,444
Jeffrey Omura $8,444
City Council District 7 Shaun Abreu $8,445
Marti Allen-Cummings $8,444
Daniel Cohen $8,444
Keith Harris $41,960
Stacy Lynch $8,444
Lena Melendez $4,564
Maria Ordonez $8,444
Corey Ortega $12,305
Carmen Quinones $17,013
Raymond Sanchez $7,651
City Council District 8 Diana Ayala $8,462
City Council District 9 Cordell Cleare $21,052
Joshua Clennon $9,692
Billy Council $11,648
Kristin Jordan $8,444
Ruth McDaniels $2,587
Athena Moore $17,087
Bill Perkins $44,912
Mario Rosser $8,444
City Council District 10 Carmen De La Rosa $8,468
Angela Fernandez $8,444
Johanna Garcia $8,444
Josue Perez $23,757
City Council District 11 Eric Dinowitz $17,936
Mino Lora $53,041
Abigail Martin $8,444
Daniel Padernacht $45,780
Marcos Sierra $4,647
City Council District 12 Kevin Riley $26,376
City Council District 13 Monique Johnson $9,417
Marjorie Velazquez $8,394
City Council District 14 Adolfo Abreu $8,444
Fernando Aquino $13,323
Haile Rivera $13,740
Pierina Sanchez $8,444
Socrates Solano $2,881
Yudelka Tapia $9,394
City Council District 15 Ischia Bravo $84,638
Oswald Feliz $113,639
Bernadette Ferrara $26,529
John Sanchez $79,881
City Council District 16 Ahmadou Diallo $15,013
Yves Filius $8,281
Althea Stevens $8,954
City Council District 17 Helen Hines $6,242
City Council District 18 Michael Beltzer $10,789
Amanda Farias $8,444
Darlene Jackson $3,642
Mohammed Mujumder $8,444
Mirza Rashid $18,278
William Rivera $8,444
City Council District 19 Tony Avella $8,444
Adriana Aviles $6,308
Nabaraj KC $8,444
Richard Lee $8,444
Vickie Paladino $8,444
John-Alexander Sakelos $23,648
Austin Shafran $8,444
City Council District 20 Hailing Chen $8,445
John Choe $8,444
Anthony Miranda $148,275
Sandra Ung $8,444
Neng Wang $4,725
Dao Yin $8,444
City Council District 21 Ingrid Gomez $8,558
Francisco Moya $8,108
George Onuorah $14,002
City Council District 22 Leonardo Bullaro $8,445
Tiffany Caban $8,445
Catherina Gioino $2,599
Evie Hantzopoulos $8,444
Nicholas Velkov $7,542
City Council District 23 Steve Behar $21,674
Sanjeev Jindal $20,714
Jaslin Kaur $8,444
Linda Lee $8,444
Debra Markell $8,444
Koshy Thomas $7,676
Harpreet Toor $8,444
City Council District 24 Moumita Ahmed $8,439
James Gennaro $8,540
Saifur Khan $7,376
Mohammad Uddin $11,048
City Council District 25 Yi Chen $8,444
Shekar Krishnan $8,444
Liliana Melo $21,471
Manuel Perez $48,408
Alfonso Quiroz $17,572
Carolyn Tran $8,444
City Council District 26 Amit Bagga $8,444
Lorenzo Brea $5,784
Julia Forman $8,444
Glennis Gomez $23,741
Denise Keehan-Smith $18,777
Badrun Khan $42,500
Heajin Kim $14,010
Jesse Laymon $8,388
Brent O'Leary $8,445
Steven Raga $94,921
Emily Sharpe $5,615
Julie Won $8,444
Ebony Young $16,848
City Council District 27 Marie Adam-Ovide $9,907
Kerryanne Burke $9,348
Jason Clark $8,444
Rene Hill $13,298
James Johnson $8,444
Al-Hassan Kanu $15,327
Harold Miller $8,444
Anthony Rivers $1,885
Jermaine Sean Smith $7,344
Nantasha Williams $8,445
City Council District 28 Adrienne Adams $12,089
Ruben Wills $15,287
City Council District 29 David Aronov $8,444
Avi Cyperstein $8,444
Aleda Gagarin $8,444
Eliseo Labayen $5,151
Lynn Schulman $8,444
Douglas Shapiro $5,832
Edwin Wong $14,806
Donghui Zang $8,444
City Council District 30 Juan Ardila $8,445
Robert Holden $8,444
City Council District 31 Selvena Brooks-Powers $2,561
City Council District 32 Kaled Alamarie $8,344
Joann Ariola $8,444
Bella Matias $9,269
Michael Scala $10,199
Helal Sheikh $13,708
Felicia Singh $8,444
City Council District 33 Elizabeth Adams $8,123
Victoria Cambranes $9,192
Toba Potosky $8,344
Lincoln Restler $8,444
Stuart Sherman $9,372
Benjamin Solotaire $6,009
April Somboun $8,445
City Council District 34 Jennifer Gutierrez $8,444
Andy Marte $11,689
Scott Murphy $6,736
City Council District 35 Renee Collymore $6,409
Curtis Harris $5,092
Michael Hollingsworth $8,269
Crystal Hudson $8,444
Hector Robertson $40,968
City Council District 36 Henry Butler $8,444
Tahirah Moore $9,742
Chi Osse $8,444
Robert Waterman $8,307
City Council District 37 Darma Diaz $8,432
Christopher Durosinmi $81,608
Rick Echevarria $16,782
Heriberto Mateo $30,760
Sandy Nurse $8,444
City Council District 38 Alexa Aviles $8,444
Rodrigo Camarena $8,444
Yu Lin $7,608
Jacqueline Painter $12,224
Victor Swinton $19,648
Ceasar Zuniga $8,444
City Council District 39 Shahana Hanif $8,444
Mamnunul Haq $8,439
Justin Krebs $8,444
Briget Rein $21,097
Douglas Schneider $8,444
Brandon West $8,439
City Council District 40 Cecilia Cortez $16,402
Kenya Handy-Hilliard $8,444
Rita Joseph $8,444
Blake Morris $13,280
Josue Pierre $6,427
Edwin Raymond $8,444
City Council District 41 Darlene Mealy $82,062
City Council District 42 Charles Barron $8,638
Wilfredo Florentino $8,882
Nikki Lucas $8,445
City Council District 45 Farah Louis $8,445
City Council District 46 Gardy Brazela $8,394
Donald Cranston $9,394
Mercedes Narcisse $7,989
Shirley Paul $8,444
Tiffany Tucker-Pryor $4,805
R. Dimple Willabus $8,444
City Council District 47 Alec Brook Krasny $8,444
Ari Kagan $8,444
Joseph Packer $2,584
Steven Patzer $8,444
City Council District 48 Amber Adler $44,406
Binyomin Bendet $41,986
Mariya Markh $8,445
Steven Saperstein $7,944
City Council District 49 Amoy Barnes $8,444
Selina Grey $9,758
Kamillah Hanks $4,884
John McBeth $2,384
Troy McGhie $7,688
Ranti Ogunleye $8,539
Kelvin Richards $8,444
Michael Schnall $17,743
City Council District 50 David Carr $8,444
Jordan Hafizi $5,204
Marko Kepi $8,444
Sam Pirozzolo $17,240
Kathleen Sforza $11,332
The CFB withholds five percent of the public funds payment until the final payment prior to the election. For primary election candidates, the withheld amount is issued in today's payment.


The next disclosure reports are due by midnight on July 15. The first general election payment could also come on July 15 based on the June 11 disclosures. In total, there have been eight public matching funds payments scheduled ahead of the primary elections on June 22.


The CFB provides matching funds out of the city's General Fund to qualifying candidates at a rate of $8 for every $1 received from New York City residents, up to the first $175 for donations to City Council and Borough President candidates, and up to $250 for donations to citywide candidates, for a maximum payment-per-resident of $1,400 or $2,000, respectively.

To qualify for matching funds, candidates must demonstrate support from within their communities by meeting a two-part fundraising threshold and abide by the other requirements set in the Campaign Finance Act. For instance, to qualify for public funding in City Council races, candidates must raise at least $5,000 from city residents. Only the first $175 contributed per city resident counts towards meeting the threshold.

Additionally, City Council candidates must receive at least 75 contributions from residents of the district where they are running. Candidates also must comply with all program rules, including individual contribution limits and a prohibition on collecting contributions from corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships.

The matching rate increased to $8-to-$1 in November 2018 when it was adopted by voters along with other improvements to the matching funds program. For 2021, candidates may choose to participate in the previous program, which provides public funds at a $6-to-$1 matching rate. However, 98 percent of 2021 candidates participating in the program are choosing to abide by the new rules.


The CFB's Candidate Services staff offers candidates extensive support by providing access to trainings, resources, and one-on-one guidance to help campaigns navigate their disclosure requirements and compliance obligations. For the 2021 elections, the agency published a detailed guidance document with the payment schedule, requirements, and applicable deadlines for candidates to follow.


More information about the candidates' campaign finance data is available on the CFB website in the Campaign Finance Summary portal. Individual contributions, campaign spending, intermediaries, and independent PAC expenditures are available in the CFB's Follow the Money database.