NYC Campaign Finance Board Meeting Agenda for March 15, 2023


The NYC Campaign Finance Board (CFB) will hold a public meeting on Wednesday, March 15th at 10:30 AM. The meeting is open to the public at the CFB’s Lower Manhattan office at 100 Church Street, on the 12th Floor. Members of the public may tune in to the meeting remotely via Zoom. See the full agenda below.

New York City Campaign Finance Board
Public Meeting Agenda
March 15, 2023
1. Approval of Minutes from February 15, 2023

2. Report of the Chair

3. Report of the VAAC Chair

4. Report of the Executive Director

5. Announcement of Campaigns in Compliance

6. Candidate Appearances
  • Eric Adams (2021 Transition and Inauguration Entity)
  • Christopher Marte (2021 Transition and Inauguration Entity)
7. Vote to go into Deliberations

8. Vote on Penalties
  • Eric Adams (2021T)
  • Christopher Marte (2021T)
9. Vote to Ratify Chair's Denial of 7-09 Petition
  • Charles Barron (2023)
10. Vote on Public Funds Payment

11. Vote to go into Executive Session


Candidate Name (Election Cycle) Office Alleged Violation
Marte, Christopher (2021T) City Council, District 1 1. Late Response to requests for information or documentation
Candidate Name (Election Cycle) Office Alleged Violation
Adams, Eric
Mayor 1. Accepting prohibited donations
2. Failing to properly wind down TIE activities
3. Failing to respond to requests for information and documentation

The agenda is subject to change. Modifications made prior to the meeting may be posted to the agency’s Twitter feed, @NYCCFB. Please visit the CFB's YouTube channel for archived videos of past meetings.