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1990-2: Requirements for May 15, 1990 Special Election (City Council, 1st District)

March 30, 1990

On March 30, 1990, the Mayor proclaimed a non-partisan special election to be held on May 15, 1990 to fill a vacancy in City Council, district one, which occurred on March 27, 1990. New York City Charter §25(b). In addition, a primary and general election will be held for this office later this year. Id. Candidates choosing to participate in the New York City Campaign Finance Program for the non-partisan special election must submit candidate certification forms to the Campaign Finance Board not later than seven days after filing independent nominating petitions1. New York City Charter §25(b) (7); New York City Administrative Code §3-703(1) (c).

Following adjustments based on changes in the Consumer Price Index, published in the City Record on February 27, 1990 at 605, the contribution and expenditure limits applicable to participating candidates in each of the elections held in 1990 for City Council, district one, are:

Contribution Limit: $2,200
Expenditure Limit: $66,0002

Administrative Code §3-703(1) (f), (7); 3-706(1) (a), (e). The principal committee treasurer of a participating candidate in the non-partisan special election on May 15, 1990 must submit disclosure reports of contributions, loans, and expenditures to the Board on the following dates: April 27, May 4, May 11, and June 11, 1990. See Campaign Finance Board Rule 331(b).

The treasurer may file a statement in lieu of a disclosure report for any period in which no contributions or loans were received or expenditures were made. Lists of contributions and expenditures exceeding $1,000, and aggregate loans and loan guarantees in excess of $2,200, which are received or made in the last week of the election must be filed on a daily basis. See Campaign Finance Board Rules 332(b) (3); 342(b); 352(b).


1 The last day to file independent nominating petitions is twelve days following the proclamation of the special election, April 11, 1990. New York Election Law §6-158(9).

2 An additional $20,000 may be spent on fundraising expenses. Administrative Code §3-706(5) (b).