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1989-4: Expenditure Limits for Expenses Made In Connection With the Solicitation of Funds

January 25, 1989

Amendments to the New York City Campaign Finance Act were signed into law on January 18, 1989. Local Law No. 4 of 1989. One of the changes made by this new local law was the addition of Section 3-706(5) (b) to the New York City Administrative Code, which provides:

Expenditures in connection with the solicitation of funds shall not be limited by the expenditure limitations of this section, except that if such expenditures by a candidate and his or her authorized committees, made within the period during which an expenditure limitation is applicable pursuant to subdivision one or two of this section, exceed twenty percent of the applicable expenditure limitation or twenty thousand dollars, whichever is greater, such expenditures in excess of such amount shall be subject to the limitation applicable at the time such amount is exceeded.

It is the opinion of the Board that Administrative Code §3-706(5) (b) supersedes those aspects of Advisory Opinion No. 1989-2, dated January 3, 1989 see pp. 2-3,7, which relate to "expenditures in connection with the solicitation of funds."