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Independent Spender Resources

The CFB provides independent spenders with several resources to assist them in complying with independent expenditure disclosure rules.

Independent Spender Guide

The Independent Spender Guide provides information about IE disclosures and compliance. The Board may assess penalties on noncompliant spenders.

IE Filing Deadlines

Don’t be late! Once their spending reaches the reporting threshold, independent spenders must disclose information about themselves, their expenditures, and their funding on a defined schedule using the Independent Expenditure Disclosure System (IEDS).

IE Trainings

The CFB offers optional training sessions to assist independent spenders with compliance requirements. The training offers a clear and detailed overview of IE disclosure requirements and demonstrates the CFB’s Independent Expenditure Disclosure System (IEDS).

How to File a Complaint

The Campaign Finance Act and CFB Rules provide the CFB with oversight and enforcement authority over campaign and independent spending for city offices. Although the CFB audits every campaign and reviews independent expenditures thoroughly, there are times when information regarding potential violations is unavailable to the CFB. If you believe that a violation has occurred, you may file a complaint.

Political Consultants Who Work for Both Candidates and Independent Spenders

Political consultants must be aware of potential campaign finance violations that may arise for them and their clients when they choose to work for both candidates and independent spenders simultaneously. Doing work for both types of clients can lead to violations of the Act and Rules by candidates, independent spenders, and consultants. This guidance is to provide information to consultants on when their work may cause issues for their clients and themselves.