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Statement of Need for Additional Public Funds

2016 Council Districts 17, 51 (Sept/Nov): Primary

(For Participants Only)

In order to limit public funding in races where participants face minimal opposition, public funds payments are capped at 25% of the maximum. Participating candidates must demonstrate a need for additional public funds by submitting a Certified Statement of Need for every election in which they seek the maximum public funds. Only the candidate may sign and submit the Certified Statement of Need. Participants must also provide documentation demonstrating the existence of the condition(s) indicated in the Statement of Need.

The form and supporting documentation must be received by the filing deadline(s) for the disclosure statement(s) preceding the scheduled payment date.

The CFB will verify the truthfulness of any statement and supporting documentation, which will be posted below. Statements of Need submitted by candidates for this election are available in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. Click on the links in the table below to view them. For more information, see downloading instructions for the Acrobat Reader. The following candidates have filed Statements of Need for the 2016 Council Districts 17, 51 (Sept/Nov): Primary:

Candidate (Borough or District) Date Received
City Council

Foreman-Hines, Helen (CD# 17)


Total: 1