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Registered Transition and Inauguration Entities

2013T Citywide Transition/Inauguration

This page was last updated on 07/23/2015 3:35 pm.

The following elected candidates have filed 2013T Citywide Transition/Inauguration (TIE) registration forms:

Candidate/TIE Office
Adams, Eric L
     TIE Eric Adams 2013
Brooklyn Borough President
Barron, Inez D
     Inauguration Committee for Inez Barron
City Council (CD# 42)
Brewer, Gale A
     Brewer Transition and Inauguration Fund
Manhattan Borough President
Chin, Margaret
     Margaret Chin 2013 Inaugural Committee
City Council (CD# 01)
Cohen, Andrew J
     Cohen for Council Transitional Acct
City Council (CD# 11)
Constantinides, Costa
     Friends of Costa Constantinides - TIE Account
City Council (CD# 22)
Cornegy, Jr., Robert E
     Cornegy 2013
City Council (CD# 36)
Cumbo, Laurie A
     Laurie Cumbo TIE
City Council (CD# 35)
de Blasio, Bill
     De Blasio Transition Committee, Inc.
Deutsch, Chaim M
     Chaim Deutsch 2013 TIE
City Council (CD# 48)
Diaz Jr., Ruben
     Bronx Centennial Inaugural
Bronx Borough President
Espinal, Jr., Rafael L
     Espinal Inauguration
City Council (CD# 37)
Eugene, Mathieu
     ME Inauguration 2014
City Council (CD# 40)
Gibson, Vanessa L
     Gibson Inaugural Committee
City Council (CD# 16)
James, Letitia
     Letitia James Transition
Public Advocate
Johnson, Corey
     Corey for Council TIE
City Council (CD# 03)
Kallos, Benjamin J
     Ben Kallos Transition
City Council (CD# 05)
Katz, Melinda R
     Katz Transition 2013
Queens Borough President
King, Andrew
     Andy King Inauguration Committee
City Council (CD# 12)
Lancman, Rory I
     Lancman Transition
City Council (CD# 24)
Levine, Mark D
     Levine Transition 2013
City Council (CD# 07)
Mark-Viverito, Melissa
     Viverito 2013 TIE
City Council (CD# 08)
Matteo, Steven
     Matteo 2013
City Council (CD# 50)
Menchaca, Carlos
     Carlos Transition Committee
City Council (CD# 38)
Miller, I. Daneek
     Transition I. Daneek Miller
City Council (CD# 27)
Oddo, James S
     Oddo 2013
Staten Island Borough President
Reynoso, Antonio
     Friends of Antonio Reynoso
City Council (CD# 34)
Richards, Donovan J
     Donovan Richards TIE Committee
City Council (CD# 31)
Rose, Deborah
     The Debi Rose Inaugural Committee
City Council (CD# 49)
Rosenthal, Helen
     Helen 2013 Transition Team
City Council (CD# 06)
Stringer, Scott
     Stringer Transition Committee, Inc.
Treyger, Mark
     Mark Treyger for Council TIE
City Council (CD# 47)
Ulrich, Eric A
     Ulrich Inauguration Fund
City Council (CD# 32)
Vallone, Paul A
     Vallone Transition
City Council (CD# 19)
Total: 34