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Candidate List

2017A Council District 9

This page was last updated on 01/13/2017 6:18 pm.

Note: All candidates who have filed a Candidate Certification and/or a Filer Registration with the Board, or who have been determined to be on the ballot by the Board of Elections for the 2017A Council District 9, are listed below. Candidates who have chosen to join the Campaign Finance Program by timely filing a Candidate Certification are considered “participants.” All other candidates are listed as “non-participants.” There may be additional non-participants who have failed to submit a Filer Registration as required (this form must be filed no later than the day the candidate is required to file his or her first disclosure statement for the 2017A Council District 9); to the extent such candidates can be identified by the Board, they will be included on the list of candidates who have failed to file required disclosure statements.

CandidateClassificationOffice Sought
Drame, MamadouParticipantCity Council District 09
Gooding, Pierre AParticipantCity Council District 09
Moore, AthenaParticipantCity Council District 09
Perkins, BillParticipantCity Council District 09
Scott Blackmon, LarryParticipantCity Council District 09
Simmons, Dawn RParticipantCity Council District 09
Stevens, Todd RParticipantCity Council District 09
Total Candidates:7 

* indicates that the candidate notified the Board that he/she has terminated all campaign activity.