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Limits & Thresholds

2017 Citywide Elections

Public Funds Payment

Contribution limits apply to all campaigns, whether or not you join the matching funds program. These limits apply for the entire election cycle. Both monetary and in-kind contributions of goods and services are subject to these limits. All candidates are prohibited from accepting contributions from corporations, LLCs, and partnership. If a Program participant, you are also prohibited from accepting contributions from political committees not registered with the CFB.

Office Contribution Limit
Mayor, Public Advocate, Comptroller $4,950
Borough President $3,850
City Council $2,750

View a list of registered political committees for this election cycle

If an individual contributor has business dealings with the city at the time their contribution is made, lower limits apply. Doing Business contributions are not eligible for matching funds and do not count toward the threshold to receive public funds.

Office Doing Business
Contribution Limit
Mayor, Public Advocate, Comptroller $400
Borough President $320
City Council $250

Access the Doing Business Database

Program participants must observe strict spending limits. A spending limit is the maximum total amount a campaign can spend during different periods of an election cycle. The amounts vary depending on which office you seek.

Office Out-Year *
(years prior to election year)
Primary Election General Election
Mayor $328,000 $6,969,000 $6,969,000
Public Advocate, Comptroller $328,000 $4,357,000 $4,357,000
Borough President $146,000 $1,569,000 $1,569,000
City Council $49,000 $182,000 $182,000

* Spending in excess of these amounts will be charged against the first limit applicable.

If no primary is held, there is no primary election spending limit.

In order to qualify for matching funds, Program participants must meet a two-part threshold, abide by Program requirements, and face opposition on the ballot. Only the first $175 of an individual New York City resident’s contribution is applied toward meeting dollar amount threshold.

Office Minimum Funds Raised Number of Contributors
Mayor $250,000 1,000
Public Advocate, Comptroller $125,000 500
Borough President $10,000 – $50,094 * 100
City Council $5,000 75

* The threshold amount is based upon the number of persons living in each borough, according to the 2010 Census and rounded to the nearest dollar. The amount for each borough is: Bronx ($27,702), Brooklyn ($50,094), Manhattan ($31,717), Queens ($44,614), and Staten Island ($10,000).

Must be borough residents.

Must be district residents.

Maximum Public Funds Payments (Per Election—Primary and/or General)

Mayor Public Advocate Comptroller Borough President City Council
$3,832,950 $2,369,350 $2,369,350 $862,950 $100,100

2017 Public Funds Payment Schedule

2017 Payment Dates Based on Valid Matching Claims Reported in Disclosure Statement(s) Up To: Payment Type
1st week of August 1 - 9 due July 17, 2017 Primary Election
August 17, 2017 10 due August 11, 2017 Primary Election
TBD (Extra primary payment) Corrected invalid matching claims Primary Election
September 8, 2017 11 due September 1, 2017 Primary Election
TBD - if needed 25% of Primary Payment Runoff Election
September 28, 2017 12 due September 22, 2017 General Election
October 13, 2017 13 due October 6, 2017 General Election
TBD (Extra general payment) Corrected invalid matching claims General Election
November 2, 2017 14 due October 27, 2017 General Election