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About Independent Expenditures

When an organization or person not affiliated with a candidate (an independent spender) makes certain payments or provides certain services that refer to municipal candidates or ballot proposals, it has made an independent expenditure. Effective May 16, 2012, certain independent expenditures, as well as information about the independent spender and its source of funds, must be reported to the Campaign Finance Board. There are no limits on what may be raised or spent; the independent expenditure rules require disclosure only.

Independent spenders must create an Independent Expenditure Disclosure System (IEDS) account in order to submit disclosure statements to the CFB. If you have any questions about independent expenditures or need assistance with your IEDS account, please contact the CFB at or 212-409-1853.

A Guide to the Independent Expenditure Disclosure Rules
Independent Expenditure Disclosure Statement Deadlines
Schedule for Independent Expenditure Disclosure Trainings
The Independent Expenditure Disclosure Rules

To view expenditures by and contributions to independent spenders, go to the CFB Searchable Database.

To better understand the role independent expenditures are playing in New York City's elections in 2013, view these charts comparing independent and candidate spending by office and district:

See Final Board Determinations Involving Independent Spenders.